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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: Jan.14-18

Mask up, Recycling Center employees

To the Editor:

The repeated lack of face coverings by town employees at the Recycling Center is a danger to town residents, a violation of the law, and a possible cause of COVID spread on the Island.

Brian Sherman, Superintendent of Highways and Commissioner of Public Works, who oversees the Recycling Center, must ensure that all of his employees wear masks.

Under New York State law, “Any employee who is present in the workplace shall be provided and shall wear a mask or face-covering when in direct contact with customers or members of the public, or when unable to maintain social distance.” Individuals or entities that violate this law are subject to a fine up to $1,000 for each violation.

Like most town residents, I am at the dump at least weekly. Recycling Center employees are often not wearing masks. It is impossible to remain 6 feet away from the town employee shuttling boxes to the crusher when I’m bringing my boxes to the appropriate area. When these town employees are not wearing masks, this close proximity is a danger to everyone.

Town residents are required to wear masks at the Recycling Center, as they are at the Post Offices, the school, the IGA, or any place in close proximity to others.

Reducing the spread of COVID-19 requires diligence from every individual. Chief Read, as head of the Shelter Island COVID Task Force, should maintain consistent enforcement of COVID laws across all town employees to protect every member of our community.

PEG DiORIO, Shelter Island

The same tribe

To the Editor:

I couldn’t agree more with all of Robert Lipsyte’s commentary (“Codger,” Jan. 14) on Representative Lee Zeldin.

He sure does not represent 95% of my views; yes, he does deserve credit for his efforts on Reel Point and Plum Island, but those do not ameliorate his overall voting record. He proved himself a true foot solider of Trump when he voted immediately after the insurrection at the Capitol to overturn the election results.

Sign me up in the efforts to turn Zeldin out. It is the right time to begin this campaign since every Republican I know is now paddling as fast and furiously as they can away from Trump and the mob that stormed the Capitol last week. They can’t bring themselves to identify with “them.” In fact, they look down on them with disdain. 

I would like to think myself more generous in spirit, but it is clear I have more work to do since I cannot refrain from reminding them that it was only two months ago that they either pulled the same lever in the voting booth or ticked the same box on a paper ballot. 

They are very much part of the same tribe.

But since they are paddling, it is a good time to enlist that energy to have them really prove that they are not Retrumplicans by voting Zeldin out next year.


No moral equivalency

To the Editor:

The Black Lives Matter protests were in response to a valid concern. The Capitol protest on Jan. 6 was in response to a lie.

There is no moral equivalency.

DICK BEHRKE, Shelter Island

Rental moorings

To the Editor:

Very interesting how the town can so quickly change the rules to storage of boats on the beach. Yet has no stomach for addressing distribution of rental moorings.

Hmmm, wonder why?

BERT WAIFE, Shelter Island