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National Honor Society inducts new members: Kickoff for food drive

After announcing eight new members in December into the National Honor Society (NHS), the Shelter Island School held an induction service for sophomores Elijah Davidson, John Febles Torres, Andrea Napoles, Sebastain Quigley-Dunning, Angelina Rice, Hayden Rylott and Benjamin Waife, and senior Emma Teodoru on Jan. 21.

The recognition, while associated with academic achievement, is not based on GPA alone. “Admission requires a cumulative average of 90 or better, evidence of leadership, the desire to serve, and possessing an admirable character,” said NHS adviser Janine Mahoney.

During the induction ceremony, NHS officers Vice President Brandon Velasquez, Treasurer Nicholas Mamisashvili, President Theodore Olinkiewicz and Secretary Francis Regan honored each of those four pillars of the Society.

Giving the new members an opportunity to join in a service project, the NHS announced that it was kicking off its Food Drive. Between Jan. 25 and Feb. 5, the “Souper Bowl of Caring Food Drive” will be held to benefit the local food pantry at the Presbyterian Church.  

“The NHS decided to switch things up this year and make it a Battle of the Grades,” said Ms. Mahoney. Students in grades pre-K-3 to 7 will bring their items to their homeroom for collection. Students in grades 8-12 will drop them in boxes in the main lobby. An alternating pair of NHS students has been assigned to each class to collect and tally daily.

Shelter Island Food Pantry shopping list for the NHS Souper Bowl

(All items must be shelf stable, unopened, and not past the expiration date)

Proteins (priority—always needed):

Canned or pouch: tuna, chicken, ham, Spam, sardines, salmon, peanut butter, nut butters, canned and/or bagged dry beans (black, red, garbanzo, pinto, navy, lentils, etc.)


Canned soup (variety needed-we have a lot of chicken noodle and tomato) canned or vacuum packed: beef stew, ravioli, chili, baked beans, taco shells/kits, pizza kits, Knorr pasta/rice packets, other easy meals/kits

Fruit, vegetables and tomato:

Canned or jars of fruit, applesauce, snack pack fruit, dried fruit, raisins canned corn, mushrooms, peas, carrots, mixed, bean salad, beets instant mashed potatoes, cauliflower rice, canned tomato products: diced, crushed tomatoes, sauce, paste


Oatmeal canisters or packets, cream of wheat, muesli boxed cold cereals, granola, breakfast bars pancake/baking mix, cake mixes, baking ingredients

Pasta/Rice and sauce:

1 or 2# bags of plain white or brown rice, Knorr’s rice and pasta mix packs, spaghetti (we have a LOT of other pasta and mac n cheese spaghetti sauce, tomato and non-tomato options like alfredo, pesto, etc.


Instant coffee, ground coffee, hot cocoa mix, regular and herbal teas, fruit juice, vegetable juice, shelf stable boxed milk: cow, almond, oat, soy, coconut, canned evaporated, condensed milk, ensure and protein shakes

Snacks (any/all, but especially
healthy snacks):

Nuts/seeds, crackers, granola bars, microwave popcorn chips, cookies, pudding/jello cups, etc.

Condiments, Oil, spices:

Mayo, ketchup, mustard, salad dressing , cooking oils: vegetable, olive, coconut, relish, salsa, pickles, olives, jars of gravy, jelly, jam, maple syrup, seasonings: dried herbs and spices, salt and pepper

Personal care items (always needed):

Soap, shampoo, razors/shaving, toothpaste/brushes, sanitary items, deodorant, body powder, lotion, band-aids, hair brush, comb, floss, nail clippers, etc.   


Toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, (single rolls or small packs) dish soap, sponges, scrub brush, laundry soap

Things we don’t really need in Jan. 2021: We will absolutely take them but if people are shopping on purpose for the Pantry, we currently have a lot of stock: ramen, cup o noodles, mac n cheese , canned green beans, boxed pasta. soups: chicken noodle, tomato, clam chowder, chicken stock stuffing mix, cranberry jelly or sauce, boxed pudding, jell-o mixes, minute rice and flavored boxed rice mixes, baby food, diapers, formula