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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: Jan. 28-Feb. 2

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Police launched a drug investigation on Jan. 26, but details are currently confidential and expected to remain so unless charges are levied against any person or persons.

This week’s snow storm with heavy winds resulted in incidents Monday involving reports of hazards involving downed wires and slippery roadways.

A tree limb had downed wires in Menantic and the wires had to be pulled off a house.

Flooded roadways on Ram Island caused icy roadways. Police placed cones in the area until high tides would dissipate, eliminating the problem.

Police responded to a call on Jan. 26 of a low hanging tree limb that resulted in an electrical wire leaning on a tree in West Neck. PSEG responded immediately and handled the situation.


Peter Fouchet of Southold was stopped by police on New York Avenue Jan. 29 for having an expired inspection sticker on his vehicle.

Eight drivers received warnings during traffic stops on Jan. 27, 28, 29 and 30.

Three drivers were stopped during distracted driver checks with two receiving warnings. The third was determined not to have been distracted.


Renato Joaquin Salazar of Elmhurst, Queens, was driving south on North Ferry Road when a deer ran into the roadway and struck his vehicle. Mr. Salazar was uninjured. Damage to his vehicle was reported to be in excess of $1,000.


A resident reported to police that his credit card company had informed him that an unknown person attempted to use his card on Tuesday.

Another person told police she was the victim of identity theft on Feb. 1.

Following a call on Jan. 31 that a Cartwright house had no heat and posed electrical issues, police notified PSEG, which dispatched a crew to handle the situation.

A Hay Beach resident called police Jan. 31 to report a spray of water from the side of a house. An officer observed water spraying from a vent and reached the owner to gain access to the house to turn off the water valve.

An open porch door at a Dering Harbor house was secured after it had been blown open by high winds, police said.

Police responded to a Harbor View house on Jan. 30 after receiving a 911 call that a lot of yelling was heard. The occupant told police she was talking loudly with friends and accidentally “pocket dialed” 911.

On Jan. 29, a caller reported receiving harassing telephone calls and asked police to intervene with the responsible individual to cease the calls.

A report of a suspicious person walking into the woods in the Center was investigated with no results.

On Monday, police assisted a driver of a disabled vehicle that was partially blocking an intersection in the Heights to move the vehicle. The driver told police he was unable to drive up Tower Hill Road because of snow. The vehicle was able to be moved from the intersection and parked.

On Jan. 30, police responded to a call of a vehicle parked and partially blocking the roadway. The owner was able to move the vehicle.

Police provided observation of a person under an order of protection while that person retrieved property from a Hay Beach home.

In other reports, police conducted a well-being check of a Cartwright Road resident without incident; assisted a tenant in helping lift a landlord from the floor to his bed.

Police attended two off-Island training sessions.


Police received a request from a property owner on Jan. 28 for extra patrol in the Heights after the Fire Department responded to fire sprinklers going off during construction on the house. The property owner was concerned with a possible smoke problem because the alarm system had to be disabled.

An alarm at a Harbor View residence was activated by an open front door. Police secured the premises.

A first floor smoke detector was activated on Jan. 27 in Silver Beach after a worker reported the use of a dull router had caused smoke.


On Jan. 30, a caller reported an injured deer in the Center. An officer observed the deer with a broken leg, but the animal ran off and jumped into the woods.

On Jan. 31, an injured deer had to be put down and removed from a yard in the Center.

Police responded to calls from Hay Beach and Menantic about injured birds. The birds were  transported to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Police responded to two calls about three dogs in West Neck and one in the Center running at large. In both cases, the dogs were gone when police arrived.


Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on  Jan. 28, 31 and Feb. 1.