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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: Feb. 11-18

Vaccine distribution

To the Editor:

While my wife and I were returning from our second 13-hour round-trip to Salem, Mass. for our second COVID-19 vaccine shot, I received an email from the Town Board advising the availability of vaccine appointments at SUNY Stonybrook. When going to the website however, the only appointments available were in Potsdam and Plattsburgh, N.Y.

I somehow don’t think this is what Jim Dougherty in his letter of Jan. 28 had in mind when he emphasized that the Town Board should make the COVID-19 vaccine distribution to Shelter Island residents their main priority.

In fairness to the Town Board however, I am not sure that there is too much they can do considering the lame and inept manner in which Cuomo has handled the pandemic from the get-go with the nursing home debacle and then the vaccine distribution.

I can’t help but wonder who Cuomo is going to blame now that he has lost his whipping boy, President Trump.

STEVE KOLLER, Shelter Island

Cinnamon and me

To the Editor:

So, since  last week part of my letter was edited out, the “We” I refer to in my travels checking out all the stuff going on around this island is Cinnamon. She rides “shotgun” with me. Just in case anyone was wondering.

Some really ugly statements in letters and columns the week of Feb.11. Kind of mirrors state, federal and world politics. Sad.

So, back to the Indian business, what a shame that beautiful Indian is gone from the gym floor and replaced with a splash of water — at least that’s what it looks like to me. Nasty. Please, a little creativity. Why was there not a contest of sorts. Oh, well.

And all this bantering about CPF funds and affordable housing? Lots of possible sites for both.

Kudos to the students and their “Souper Bowl,” food pantry project. Good one.

Give the kid back his shirt. Please!