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Get on waiting list for COVID vaccine now: Likely Wednesday event will accommodate more inoculations

COVID-19 levels remain stable and hospitalizations countrywide are decreasing. But what’s critical for town residents are openings for a vaccination event to be held at Shelter Island School tomorrow, Wednesday, April 7.

If you want the vaccine tomorrow, you must get your name on the waiting list now since it’s expected more vaccine will be available than originally anticipated.

Appointments appeared full, but with some double bookings and expectations of more inoculations that could be administered tomorrow, Deputy Supervisor Amber Brach-Williams is requesting that Islanders 16 or older who don’t have an appointment add their names to a waiting list with the likelihood they can receive the initial inoculation tomorrow. To join the waiting list, fill the form on the town website at shelterislandtown.us. A red banner at the top of the town’s home page will take you to the registration.

New needles could be used tomorrow and they are more efficient in measuring the amounts of vaccine in each inoculation, Ms. Brach-Williams said. The expectation is that if the new needles are available, more inoculations can happen.

Those on the waiting list will be contacted by phone or email as it’s determined tomorrow whether they can be accommodated.

A vial of the Pfizer vaccine once opened has to be used or dumped, she said.

Teenagers below the age of 18 must be accompanied by parents or guardians who must sign off before the teen can receive an inoculation, Ms. Brach-Williams said.

As for numbers, Suffolk County is reporting 53 cases that have happened on Shelter Island, while Police Chief Jim Read reports the actual numbers are 20 to 25 more people.

Classes at the school will be held remotely to accommodate the vaccinations. Supervisor Gerry Siller said an interpreter will also be available to assist anyone who doesn’t speak English

The town is delaying resuming the congregate meals it had hoped to start at Shelter Island Church on Mondays and Fridays. There are some issues with leaks in a newly installed system for water at the church and there are also issues of state requirements in terms of numbers of people who can gather at a time for the lunches, and whether those who do want to attend must have proof of vaccination.

Town Attorney Bob DeStefano said  he is checking on details with New York State officials.