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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: March 30-April 6

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Kurt W. Schmalz, 51, of Medford was arrested on April 1 at 1:08 p.m. on Shelter Island and charged with harassment in the 2nd degree. The arrest was the result of a police investigation of a complaint about a domestic incident.

Mr. Schmalz was arraigned in Shelter Island Justice Court, released on his own recognizance and ordered to return to court at a later date. An order of protection was issued on behalf of his alleged victim.


David G. Neese of Shelter Island was stopped by police on North Midway Road on April 5 and ticketed for having inadequate or no lights.

Police conducted 15 distracted driving and traffic stops in the Center and Menantic on March 30 and 31 and April 1 through April 5, resulting in 12 warnings and one ticket.

Other reports

A Center caller requested an extra patrol on March 30 after items were moved and possibly tampered with at his location.

On March 31, a Peconic Land Trust employee asked about a report of skeet shooting off Reel Point, which is owned by the Trust and open to the public. Police advised the caller that skeet shooting is legal on all town beaches.

A Center caller reported loud construction noise on March 31. Police spoke to a person placing logs in a dumpster with an excavator. He said he would try to keep the noise down.

On April 2, there was an investigation regarding a registered sex offender from another police jurisdiction; the case was turned over to the Houston, Tex. Police Department.

An anonymous caller told police on April 3 about a person walking in the middle of a Center road. An officer responded and saw the person on the wrong side of the road with a jacket over her head. He advised her to walk on the correct side for her own safety.

A caller on April 3 told police she had overheard people saying they were going to take rocks from a beach in Silver Beach. An officer told her that taking rocks from a beach does not violate any town code.

A loud party was reported in Menantic on April 3. An officer responded, issued a verbal warning and the music was turned off.

Police were told about a suspicious vehicle parked at the end of a Center street on April 3. When an officer arrived, the vehicle was gone.

Loud music was reported in the Center on April 4; the area was searched with negative results.

On the same day, a caller told police there was smoke in a Center area. Police found a person burning downed tree limbs and was advised to put the fire out. Also on the 4th, gunshots were reported in the Center behind the caller’s house. The area was searched and the source not located.

Fraudulent credit card activity was reported on the 5th for informational purposes. That day, a West Neck resident told police a vehicle was parked along the roadway with the engine running. The owner was contacted.

Also on the 5th, a Center caller said someone, unknown, was attempting to open the front door; police responded, and saw no sign of criminal activity but canvassed the area.

In other incidents during the week, police unlocked a vehicle with the keys inside, assisted a motorist with a seatbelt, conducted a well-being check, jumpstarted a vehicle, assisted a resident in the home, responded to a lost-and-found call and completed administrative duties for the Suffolk County Police.


On April 2, a dog was reported barking for an hour in Cartwright; an officer canvassed the area with negative results. On the 3rd, an owner reported a lost dog in West Neck. The dog had chased after a deer. A second caller said a dog of a similar description had been located. An animal control officer connected the two callers, and the dog and owner were reunited.

On April 5, a Hay Beach resident reported that someone was making noise downstairs in the kitchen. An officer searched the residence and found no signs of attempted or forced entry, unlocked or open windows and no items reported missing or moved. A family cat, who had been missing overnight, appeared during the search and was likely the cause of the noise.


A motion detector alarm was set off on March 30 at Chase Bank; a bank representative said there was no negative motion recorded on the surveillance video.

Also on the 30th, an officer heard an audible alarm in the Center. Employees said they had started up a truck inside the shop, likely setting the alarm off.

The Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded to a fire alarm in the Heights on March 31 at what appeared to be an unoccupied residence. A light was on in the attic and there seemed to have been a recent installation of wires. There was no fire or emergency, according to the SIFD chief.

A residential alarm was activated in Silver Beach on April 5; the home was secure and no problems were noted.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported two people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on March 30 and 31.