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Blotter: Three tickets issued in quiet week

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Three tickets were issued on April 8. Jodi L. Stein Iannucci of Massapequa was ticketed on Ram Island Road for failure to stop at a stop sign. Nicolo Modonesi of Westhampton was driving on North Ferry Road when he was given a summons for failure to stop at a stop sign and for driving at a speed not reasonable and prudent.

Police conducted 16 traffic and distracted driving stops on April 6, 8, 10 and 12 in the Center, Menantic and the Heights, resulting in 12 warnings and three tickets.

Other reports

A Center caller requested an extra patrol on April 6 after hearing gunshots in the area the previous evening. 

On the 7th, an anonymous caller reported people were jumping off a West Neck owner’s private dock. They were gone when an officer arrived.

That day, police responded to a Longview caller who reported her smoke detector had been set off due to cooking and she needed help in shutting the alarm off. 

Police checked on a man reported sleeping in his vehicle in West Neck with the windows rolled up. An officer found the person awake, who said he was just resting after a long walk.

The next day, a caller told police he was told an unknown person was looking for him to serve him papers. Police were unable to get more information.

On April 9, a caller reported low-hanging wires by the entrance to Wades Beach. Police notified both Verizon and PSEG.

That day, a caller reported fireworks in the Center; an officer searched the area with negative results.

On April 10, police investigated a report from a Longview resident that property was missing from his backyard. An officer located it where it had fallen behind a bush.

A burglary alarm in Menantic was activated on April 10; police checked the outside of the residence, which was locked and secure; there were no signs of any criminal activity.

On the 10th, a Heights caller told police about hearing approximately 10 rounds of gunshots. An officer searched the area with negative results.

Loud music was reported in West Neck on April 11; the area was canvassed but the source was not located.

A caller reported finding an unidentified bone on a beach in Silver Beach, possibly washed up during a high tide. The bone was likely from a deer but was logged in by police.

Police received a report on April 11 that trees were being cut down on town property — a wetlands area — possibly in violation. The complaint was forwarded to the DEC.

Also on the 11th, police investigated an ongoing neighbor dispute that resulted in a verbal altercation. Loud music was reported in West Neck; a neighbor turned the music down without incident.

On April 12, police looked into a case of possible workplace harassment in Menantic.

Police investigated a property dispute about yard markers on town property in the Center on April 12. The markers were moved to an appropriate location so as not to block the shoulder of the roadway being used by motorists.

That day, police opened a confidential investigation into drugs.

In other reports, police responded to two lost and found reports, assisted at the Island-wide COVID vaccination at the school, attended bias and de-escalation training sessions at the Suffolk County Police Academy, conducted DARE programs for sixth graders and performed various administrative duties for county and state.


On April 7, an injured turkey in the Center with two broken legs was transported to a vet for humane euthanasia.

Animal control officers (ACOs) responded to two animal wildlife incidents in West Neck and the Center on April 8.

An ACO captured a dog at large in the Center on April 9 and returned it to his owner.

On April 11, an ACO transported an injured rabbit to a wildlife rehab center.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported one person to Eastern Long Island Hospital on April 6 and responded to two other cases on April 7 and 12.