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Shelter Island Police Department blotter — April 13-20

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Willys U. Luna Perez of Greenport was driving on South Midway Road on April 19 when he was stopped by police for having inadequate or no brake lights. He was also ticketed for unlicensed operation.

Police conducted seven traffic, distracted driving and radar enforcement stops on April 14, 17, 18 and 19 in the Center, Menantic, the Heights and Shorewood, resulting in three warnings and two tickets.


Aurora N. Matiga of Jamaica told police she was parked in the Heights Post Office driveway on April 14 and was attempting to pull forward. Although she thought she was in drive, when she let her foot off the brake, her vehicle began to roll slowly backwards, crossing Auburn Avenue, and hitting a wheelbarrow on display outside the Ace Hardware store. The vehicle came to a stop when it hit the building. There was over $1,000 damage to the rear of the vehicle and to the wheelbarrow; no reported damage to the building or injuries.

Other reports

A Menantic caller reported two young people were missing on April 13. They were subsequently located at a playground on School Street.

On that date, a Center caller reported being involved in an ID fraud regarding an unemployment claim. The unemployment office was notified. Two days later, police received a call from a South Ferry Hills resident who was informed by his employer that an unemployment claim had been filed by the Department of Labor. He had not filed a claim. No money changed hands but the caller was advised to report the fraud to the Department of Labor and to freeze his credit/check history.

Police were told on that day that an unidentified man was asleep in his car in the Center. Police escorted him back to his residence and left him in the care of his spouse.

Low-hanging wires at a Center location were called in on April 14. PSEG had installed a new pole and Verizon was scheduled to relocate the wires higher up on the pole. The Highway Department was notified to put yellow tape on the wires to warn motorists.

That day, a caller phoned in to report that although he was not at his Silver Beach home, he saw on camera that the occupants of a truck had gotten out and started to walk on his property. When they heard his audible alarm, they left. An officer found no sign of any criminal activity; the residence was secure. The neighborhood was also canvassed with no results.

Also on the 14th, the driver of a Coca-Cola truck in the Heights reported that a low-hanging wire got caught on the top of the truck and broke it away from a residence on Chequit Avenue. The homeowner and Verizon were notified.

A caller reported flooding in the basement of her Longview residence on the 14th. An officer shut off the water and advised the caller to contact a plumber.

A front door burglary alarm was set off at a Center residence on April 16. An officer responded and found the residence was secure; there was no sign of any criminal activity.

For information purposes, a caller told police on the 16th that several plants in her Heights backyard were damaged. She contacted her landscaper who said the plants probably had snow rot and broke off at the base.

Gun shots in the Center were heard on that day; an officer canvassed the area with negative results.

Loud music was reported in a Menantic short-term rental and in West Neck on the 16th.  Officers responded to both locations. The music was turned down in one case and turned off in the other.

Police received a complaint on the 17th that signage at the intersection of Jaspa Road and Route 114 blocked the view of roadway traffic. An employee moved a flag.

A vehicle without plates was reported in Menantic — possibly abandoned. The owner of the vehicle told police he rented a unit in the building and was storing the vehicle there for a few days.

The next day, a caller reported that a guest was locked inside a Hay Beach bathroom and couldn’t open the door. An officer assisted in unlocking the door.

Also on the 18th, the Shelter Island Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at a Longview residence. It was accidentally set off by a construction worker.

The same day, police received a report that a property marker and real estate sign were missing from a Hay Beach property.

There were a number of other incidents during the week. Police responded to four lost and found reports; assisted a resident in the home; conducted DARE programs (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) for 6th graders; performed traffic duty at North Ferry; carried out three well-being checks; attended Suffolk County Police Academy training programs and radar training in Westhampton; and unlocked a vehicle with the keys inside.


A dog at large was reported in Longview on April 12. An animal control officer searched the area with no success.

An injured deer was reported anonymously on a roadway in the Center on the 13th but was gone when an officer arrived.

A caller told police on April 17 that a dog had been barking in the Center for most of the day. Police found no signs of a barking dog.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on April 13, 15 and 19 and one person to Southampton hospital on April 18.