No county ferry rate hearing Tuesday: Legislature will set date for future public input

If you’ve been planning to testify at a public hearing Tuesday evening in support or against the North Ferry request for a rate increase, that apparently is not going to happen.

Although a legal advertisement submitted by the Suffolk Country Legislature appeared for several weeks announcing the meeting and indicating the public could testify Tuesday via Zoom or email comments about the proposed rate hike, an agenda for the meeting says that only a date is to be set for a legislative hearing on the issue.

Despite efforts by the Reporter to gain information, neither the agenda nor notice that Tuesday’s meeting would be only to set a date for a hearing were forthcoming.

Stella Lagudis, managing director of the  Heights Property Owners Corporation, which owns the ferry company, released the full agenda Saturday in response to a question following Supervisor Gerry Siller’s announcement at Friday’s Town Board meeting that a future date for the legislative public hearing was to be set Tuesday night.

The agenda included the following: “ To set a Public Hearing for Authorization of Approval to Alter Rates for North Ferry Co., Inc.”

A town meeting with the Ferry Study Group committee via Zoom will be held between 6 and 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 20, Mr. Siller said.