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School fundraising drive banks a win: Students help a worthy cause to fight disease

The Shelter Island High School’s National Honor Society (NHS) hosted a fundraising drive for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The Elementary School’s Hero Squad brought in a total of $248.21, mostly in coins, which were processed through a Coinstar machine.

The top honors went to the 5th grade, which brought in the following: 147 quarters, 72 dimes, 109 nickels, 1,625 pennies and $90 in bills for a grand total of $155.65. 

The coins were donated directly through the Coinstar machine, and the bills will be converted to a check for the donation.

The chart shows the numbers raised per class as crunched by the 5th grade. “It was great division practice,” said NHS adviser Janine Mahoney.