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Board of Education okays asbestos removal money

Asbestos, once used in many construction projects, is now recognized as a cancer-causing agent. When discovered, it must be removed to protect the health and safety of people who encounter it.

As has happened in the past in other areas of the Shelter Island School building, asbestos has been discovered in its academic suite and science room, causing the Board of Education Monday night to approve expenditures for remediation, including removal, monitoring and floor coverings totaling $22,174 for the academic suite, and $15,811 for the science room.

Tax anticipation notes

Because tax money doesn’t flow to districts in time to cover expenses each year, school districts are forced to take “tax anticipation notes” (TAN) to be repaid when tax money arrives. The Board of Education approved a TAN not to exceed $2 million pending receipt of money levied for the 2021-22 school year. Typically, these notes cover expenses for the second half of a school year. More than a few school administrators on Shelter Island and other districts have complained about this need since interest accrues and has to be paid when notes are settled.

Tenure celebration

Math teacher Patricia Goff was awarded tenure at Monday night’s meeting. In a statement from Board President Kathleen Lynch, who was not able to be at the meting, she congratulated Ms. Goff on her “positive attitude” and “kindness.”

Superintendent Brian Doelger, Ed.D., said Ms. Goff is loved by her students and peers and has demonstrated her abilities to be an excellent math teacher and “an excellent person.”

In addition to her teaching skills, she is adviser to the 6th grade class and the school’s year book.

Math teacher James Theinert called the decision to grant tenure overdue and said Ms. Goff has a high work ethic. He has co-taught with her and said she is committed to the “pursuit of perfection.”

School Nurse Mary Kanarvogel said the staff is excited to see the popular teacher gain tenure and told Ms. Goff, “The students all love you.”

The newly tenured teacher thanked the Board for its unanimous vote and said she considers herself to be lucky to come to work every day in the district where she hopes to continue to teach for many years.

In other actions, the Board of Education approved:

• The request from the class of 2022 to hold a prom at Sylvester Manor in June

• Bus transportation for three students to attend Hayground School in the 2021-22 school year. Usually such applications must be approved in April, but the district has the freedom to approve later applications provided they don’t require hiring extra buses that are already secured to transport students to South Fork schools.