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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: June 16-23

Welcome back, Shelter Island 10K

To the Editor:

It was wonderful to welcome the runners back to Shelter Island.

The new face of the race seemed to be successful. I would like to thank everyone who made this event possible: Town of Shelter Island, including the Highway and Police Department, Fire Department; EMS and all healthcare workers; Shelter Island School (special shout-out to Jen Gulluscio); Shelter Island 10K Board of Directors; amazing crew of Elitefeats; and last but not least, my dear volunteers.

The time they offer to this event stays in our community. They are the reason that our kids can benefit from the proceeds of the run. It was a refreshingly smooth day with about 50 dedicated volunteers (instead of the usual 150), many of them who are new to the race.

My gratitude goes to all of you.


Votes, not appointments

To the Editor:

There is only one option to fill the Town Board vacancy and that is to allow the voters of Shelter Island decide if a candidate is worthy of representing them, not an appointment by the Town Board.

My name is Brett Surerus and I’m on the ballot for the Board this November. I will be working hard to earn your trust, and your vote for the privilege of being sworn in by a mandate of those who want to select their representatives by having their voice heard democratically.

BRETT SURERUS, Shelter Island

That was the week that was

To the Editor:

Last week’s paper was rather informative, several fabulous columns that made a lot of sense. Then lots of reports on town situations that made no sense.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg, seems to be the quandary with Gardiner’s Bay Country Club project. When one decides to do a building project, does one not go to the Building Department to see what has to be done, i.e., “Can I build this?” One is then given the information on what to do first. Is that not what happened? Thought so, otherwise there would not have been a ZBA hearing scheduled. Stay tuned to this one.

Then we have the Comprehensive Plan Committee ready to be scrapped. What? Think of the volunteers, who are all quite qualified and selected on their expertise with Shelter Island for years, whether their family came over on the Mayflower or if they have been summer and part-time residents for years, and very involved in community activities. Based on the reporting in last week’s paper, there is hope the committee gathers the troops and carries on.

The only thing that made sense was the 10K, as Tara Wilson said, “We shook off the “pandemic dust.’”, Well put. All the folks who ran past my house, seemed very happy and sweaty. Kudos to all of you. Great job.

Tom and Tillie Osprey are busy feeding their little ones lots of fish, so they may poke their heads above the ridge of the nest any day now, so I can see how many there are. However, they are most interesting to watch and are certainly responsible, devoted parents!

Now the boy, the horse, the fox and the mole seem to be the only creatures that are making any sense to me lately — quite profound in their thoughts.