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Town Board honors library: Issues a proclamation on the many community efforts made during the pandemic

The Town Board honored Library Director Terry Lucas and the staff of the Shelter Island Library for their exemplary service to the community during the pandemic.

Supervisor Gerry Siller said the staff not only adapted their services to meet requirements of pandemic restrictions, but reached out to the town’s Recreation Department to help coordinate activities.

Beyond that, the staff, knowing there were residents living alone and isolated, maintained contact with regular telephone calls to provide relief from loneliness.

Ms. Lucas said she wanted to emphasize the work of the staff, saying they are “the best of any library anywhere.”

They worked long hours to help the community because, she added, “It’s a family. Everybody takes care of everybody else.”

In addition to the proclamation, Mr. Siller presented a plaque bearing the Shelter Island map as an “honorary ferry token, noting it was a gift from him to the library staff.