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Shelter Islander competes in ‘Ironman’ event in Iceland

James Marshall, 40, of Shelter Island, was one of only 14 finishers of the Ironman-distance 2021 Iceland Extreme Triathlon on Saturday, July 10, in Ólafsvík, Iceland.

Mr. Marshall finished the 140-mile swim/bike/run course on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in 9th place, with a time of 17 hours, 16 minutes.

Climbing over a vertical mile in both the bike and marathon-distance run portions of the race, Mr. Marshall reports that he burned almost 9,300 calories to complete the race.

Living up to its name, organizers of the race were forced to reduce the bike course live during the event to the Ironman-distance of only 112 miles from the 127 miles originally planned, because 35 m.p.h. winds on the main mountain pass of the course made it too dangerous to complete.