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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor, July 29

Gardiner’s Bay CC’s building project

To the Editor:

The Gardiner’s Bay Country Club’s (GBCC) proposed project on its property in Hay Beach has caused numerous complaints of opposition and disbelief since it came to light when requesting the Town Board to downzone the property from its existing AA designation.

The two-page “Open Letter to the Residents of Shelter Island,” which appeared in the July 22 issue of the Reporter, explained in no uncertain terms what citizens of Shelter Island, particularly those closest to “The Project” location, are facing if the GBCC should get away with its undeserved request.

Downzoning’s possible depletion of our aquifer’s water, septic intrusion into all our water sources and the expense of having to replace our own current wells and septic systems IS ON US and the value of our homes in the area would drop considerably.

Thank you Jamie and Peter Neckles for your help!


Thank you, Shelter Island, for stepping up

To the Editor:

I want to extend a big “thank you” to everyone who took time from their busy schedules to make the first post-COVID blood drive a huge success.

Forty-six people came to donate. Thanks to their efforts we were able to collect 42 pints of blood. These will go on to help up to 126 people in need.

Whether you came in with family members to show your support, or just stopped because you saw our signs along the roadway, your time and donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Jack Thilberg, director of EMS Services, for allowing the drive to take place in the EMS Building once again. It was a great location. Donors and staff were very comfortable.  A special thank you to Giovanna Ketcham for cleaning up after the drive.

Thank you to the Shelter Island Reporter, Shelter Island Fire Department, North Ferry Company, South Ferry Company, Chamber of Commerce, the Library and Sylvester Manor for getting the word out. A special shout out to Slice for the pizza donation. It was greatly appreciated and totally enjoyed.

Please remember that blood donors are continually needed to ensure that blood is available year round. Hope to see you at the next drive in January 2022.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

JUDY MERINGER, Shelter Island

What is going on?

To the Editor:

I was totally disgusted to see the graffiti on the back of the restroom trailer and adjacent utility pole at Crescent Beach this past weekend. Kudos to the highway department for quickly removing the eyesore.

In all my years on Shelter Island, I have never seen graffiti on anything other than Kissing Rock, which many of us accept. So, I ask myself, what’s going here? Is it the caliber of people day-tripping on the Island? We have all witnessed the endless parade of people walking up and down Crescent Beach from their cars parked in the next Zip code and the flotilla of boats at the end of Crescent Beach.

I am not suggesting that they are the culprits, but one has to wonder.

I don’t have the answer to this potential issue other than increased police presence and public advocacy. Let’s all be diligent and keep our eyes open and if you see something, report it to the police.

GREG SENKEN, Shelter Island