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Town board: Licensing fees for contractors could increase: Landscapers likely to be licensed

There’s work to be done by the Town Board on increasing fees for contractors. And landscapers, who have been exempt from licensing, could be added to the list, at the suggestion of Supervisor Gerry Siller.

Currently, contractors pay a $100 fee every two years to access the Town Recycling Center. The Town Board is discussing raising that fee to $250 per year for contractors and landscapers.

The effort isn’t to hurt contractors and landscapers from operating on Shelter Island, the supervisor said, but to increase revenues based on what it costs the Town to handle materials brought to the Recycling Center.

There have been, on average during the past three years, 400 contractors operating on the Island, and it’s estimated there are 30 landscapers.

In addition to the annual licensing fee, the landscapers would be charged $10 a ton for leaves, grass and clippings with a minimum charge of $5, Mr. Siller said. Those who choose not to get licensed could be charged a user fee of $75 each time they bring materials to the Recycling Center. In addition to that charge, they would have to pay a fee based on what they dump.

Licensing would also provide a measure of protection for those hiring contractors or landscapers to know a company provides workers compensation and the company carries insurance, the supervisor said.

Town Board members will further discuss licensing, rates and applications for licensing at next week’s Town Board work session to set a date at the Sept. 10 regular meeting for a public hearing.