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Reporter Editorial: Reflection and celebration

It’s been a season of anniversaries for Shelter Island, of happy celebrations or solemn remembrances, linked by the idea of not letting special days associated with institutions and events pass unnoticed or unremarked upon.

The 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, which led to death and horror in New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania, and changed the world, was remembered all across the country. Shelter Island didn’t forget, as we noted in stories over the past several weeks.

We presented several reports, including the experiences of a Shelter Island Police Department officer who had been at Ground Zero, and who joined a panel discussion last week with others, including Helen Rosenblum, who were there, informing those too young to remember what it was like and what the day means in our history.

We also wrote about Shelter Island School teacher Peter Miedema, and how he has always instructed his students, not just this year, but for many previous years, on the meaning of the day.

Most impressive of all, was a short and poignant ceremony at the Island’s 9/11 memorial on the Center Firehouse grounds, where firefighters in dress uniforms assembled with residents to join in the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, moments of silence, and hear an eloquent Father Peter DeSanctis offer prayers and wise reflections on what a community must do to overcome challenges, or as he put it, what we should do “from 9/12 on.”

The Shelter Island Police Department celebrated its Golden Anniversary, marking 50 years of service to the Island. The Department has been blessed with strong leadership and dedicated officers and personnel over the years.

Current and retired officers of the Shelter Island Police Department at police headquarters celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of The Department. (Credit: Charity Robey)

It was a joyous gathering at Police Department headquarters on the evening of Sept. 13, with past and present members of the Department and their families sharing memories and recognizing accomplishments.

And the Shelter Island Country Club threw a birthday party on Saturday, Sept. 18, for the institution that sits atop Goat Hill, celebrating 120 years. But the party wasn’t over on Saturday night; it will continue for the next 12 months with golf tournaments and special gatherings and events.

The 120th Anniversary of the Shelter Island Country Club was celebrated on Saturday, Sept. 18 with a sold-out event that kicked off a year of festivities. (Credit: Eleanor P. Labrozzi)

What Charity Robey wrote about the Country Club in the Reporter last week applies equally to the Fire and Police departments, that they “sit at the beating heart of the community.” And by marking these celebrations and remembrances, it proves that those who work to keep these pillars of our community alive are heart-healthy, indeed.