School septic replacement estimate is $800,000

Monday night, the Board of Education got a look at the cost anticipated for a new septic system and changes to other infrastructure.

With the estimated cost for the septic system at $800,000 and replacement of doors in the gym, athletic office and lobby at $77,500, most of the money is already in hand with the balance expected from state funding, according to Superintendent Brian Doelger, Ed.D.

Senior Associate John Longo and Project Manager David Bozuhoski Jr. of BBS Architecture of New York City and Patchogue, updated the Board on changes on the project as a result of their ongoing site visits and inspections by Fuji personnel, who are designing the system to meet specific school needs.

To qualify for the funding to offset the septic needs, a part of the project had to be inside the building; the BBS personnel were able to identify places within the building that required replacement because of deterioration.

Working with the Fuji engineers, it’s been determined that the new system not only must address reduction of nitrogen, but also a high ammonia level. Redesign of the system has been in process this month. Permit applications to the New York State Education Department and Suffolk County Department of Health Services are to be filed next month. Bid preparation is slated to occur between October and January with approval from the state and county aimed for January and awards for construction to take place in February.

Without interrupting the use of the building, some construction can start in March and continue through May and then plumbing and electrical work can take place in June.

Between July and August, the sanitary system replacement is slated to take place along with work on the interior door replacements. By September 2022, the aim is to close out the project.

A question about how the July summer school might be accommodated is being looked at and may require some changes in what part of the building the summer students would occupy to have full septic needs being accommodated, Mr. Longo said.

Just as supply issues are affecting many deliveries of all kinds of goods, so could the project be affected by delays in receiving necessary materials, he said. Nonetheless, to the extent possible, the aim is to keep to the planned schedule of work with close monitoring of delivery schedules.

In other actions at Monday night’s meeting, the Board:

• Heard from Director of Pupil Personnel, Data and Instruction Jennifer Rylott that results of standardized tests from the past year are in and numbers are positive for Shelter Island. But because of a state embargo, she can’t reveal results yet. Ms. Rylott said there has been “significant” improvement in English Language Arts results and improvement in math scores. She anticipates the embargo could be lifted sometime in October and will be made public.

• Mr. Doelger recounted a smooth beginning of the school year with all in-building activities and return to subsequent in-person activities this fall with no need for quarantines among students or staff members.

• Similarly, Director of Athletics, Physical Education, Health, Wellness and Personnel Todd Gulluscio said the physical education and sports programs have been smoothly underway, describing them as “nothing short of amazing.”

• Approved a grant disbursement agreement between the district and the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York in connection with a $250,000 grant for improvements and upgrades throughout the school.