Shelter Island Historical society hires children’s educator

Shelter Island Historical Society has announced the appointment of Amy Taylor Adkison, who led the 2021 Time Travelers Program for children this past summer, to the position of Children’s Education Coordinator. In her new position, she looks forward to developing programs for children of all ages.

Before moving to Shelter Island, she was a fifth grade teacher in Fort Myers, Fla., specializing in language arts and social studies. Believing that all children are uniquely created with individual gifts and talents, Ms. Adkison is also an education coach, empowering students through better self-understanding.

She earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Columbia International University in Columbia, S.C. She is a member of the Shelter Island Presbyterian Church, where her husband, Steve, is the Pastor. She describes herself as “a friend to all people, animals, and nature.”

Amy Taylor Adkison, the Historical Society’s new Children’s Education Coordinator. (Credit: Taylor Gabrovic)

As she develops new programs, Ms. Adkison is in a unique position to be able to design them according to the needs and interests of Island families. She asked that parents email her to provide input. Answers to the questions below, as well as the age(s) of your child(ren), will be especially helpful:

Which of the following would most suit your child’s schedule?

1. Parent/Guardian’s Morning Out (2 days a week, 2 hours)

2. Society Saturday (once a month historical education activity, 2-3 hours)

3. Kids’ Night Out (an opportunity for parent/guardian “date night!” 3 hours)

4. After School Program (1-2 days per week, 2 hours)

5. Homeschooling Field Trips/Programs addressing relevant grade-level standards

If you are interested in becoming involved in the planning or execution of programs, please contact Ms. Adkison at [email protected] or by cell 803-518-7099.

The position of Children’s Education Coordinator is funded by the Elizabeth Pedersen Education Fund of the Shelter Island Historical Society. For more information, visit