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Blotter: Overturned vehicle on beach; driver cited for speeding

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Zebulun Jerome Mundy of Shelter Island was traveling westbound on Oak Tree Lane’s dirt road on Oct. 9 at 1:25 a.m. when he lost control of his vehicle, hit a wooden bollard and continued off the roadway. The vehicle overturned on Shell Beach, deploying the airbag. There were no injuries but damage to the front and roof of the vehicle exceeded $1,000. 

Mr. Mundy was issued a summons for driving at a speed not reasonable or prudent.

Other accidents

Raymond L. Sanwald of Shelter Island told police he was parked in the parking lot at the Chase Bank on Oct. 9 at 12:45 p.m. He had walked to the front of the bank when he heard a loud bang. His vehicle had not been placed fully in parked gear and had rolled approximately 40 feet into the side of Shelter Island Justice Court. There was no damage to the vehicle but some damage to an air conditioning unit and brick of the building.

On Oct. 10, Patricia M. Foulkrod of Santa Monica, Calif. reported that between 8 p.m. on Oct. 9 and 11:43 a.m. on Oct. 10, her car had been hit on the front passenger-side fender by an unknown vehicle while parked on Washington Street. There was over $1,000 in damage.


Andre J. Monti of Shelter Island was driving on New York Avenue when he was stopped by police on Oct. 6 and given a ticket for having an uninspected vehicle.

Nine radar enforcement and traffic stops were conducted in the Center and Heights from Oct. 5 through Oct. 9, resulting in four warnings and one ticket.

Other reports

An anonymous caller told police on Oct. 5 that a person was driving erratically on North Ferry Road through the Center. An officer located the vehicle and its driver parked in the Center. The driver said he had been lost but had regained his bearings; no signs of any impairment were observed.

On Oct. 6, another driver was reported driving erratically on numerous occasions in the Center; the caller was told to notify the Police Department when she witnessed that behavior again.

A complainant told police that she and her husband were on a South Ferry Hills beach when an unleashed dog came towards them aggressively on Oct. 7. When the complainant approached the group responsible, they became loud and confrontational, the report states.

On Oct. 8, an officer canvassed the South Ferry area looking unsuccessfully for a vehicle involved in a minor accident in Greenport; South Ferry crews also stated they had not seen the vehicle.

Also on the 8th, a caller reported that there was a large white buoy submerged just below the surface 300 yards off the Heights Beach Club. A bay constable searched the area looking for a swim area buoy with negative results.

A caller told police on the 8th that a person had left her residence in what she believed was an intoxicated state. An officer searched the area without success and advised the caller to call 911 if this happened again.

Police were informed that kids had been seen riding bikes earlier in the week with no helmets near the Center Post Office and another young person was observed again on Oct. 8 at the post office. The caller was advised to contact the police while this was happening so that an officer could respond.

A civic dispute was settled on Oct. 9 when a landscaper said he would move back trees he had planted on the complainant’s Cartwright property. Also on the 9th, a person notified police that someone she believed was coming to the Island had been prohibited, by court order, from entering her property without permission. She was told to let police know immediately if that person came to the residence.

A caller said two people were trespassing on the back deck of her Hay Beach residence on Oct. 9; she told Southold dispatch she would contact the SIPD on her return home after dinner and did not do so.

A loud bang was reported in Long View on Oct. 10; an officer patrolled the area and located a power outage. PSEG was notified. A verbal altercation in the Center was called in on that date.

A “loud vehicle” in the Center was called in on Oct. 11. Officers searched the area, looking for a dirt bike, with no success.

In other reports during the week, police conducted four school crossings, responded to two lost and found reports and three false 911 calls, unlocked two vehicles with the keys inside, attended two off-Island training sessions and assisted a resident with a phone problem.


The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to a fire alarm on Oct. 5 in the Center, set off by burned food in the oven.  The SIFD also answered a carbon monoxide alarm call on Oct. 7 in the Heights; there were no signs of CO.

On Oct. 19, a medical alert was activated in Hay Beach; it had been set off accidentally.

Animal reports

Sick raccoons dominated – six raccoons in Silver Beach, Ram Island, Hay Beach, West Neck and two in the Center were transported to a vet by animal control officers for euthanasia. Sick raccoons reported in Hay Beach and the Heights were not located. A raccoon reported sick in the Center appeared healthy when an ACO responded.

A Ram Island caller said while walking her dog, a larger, unleashed dog tried to attack her dog. The unleashed dog’s owner got control of the dog. The caller wanted the incident documented but was unable to provide more information about the dog’s owner.

A dog reported at large in the Center was recognized by an ACO and returned home to its owner.

An injured deer was seen in the Center but an officer searched the area with negative results.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported two people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Oct. 7 and 9 and one patient to Southampton Hospital on Oct. 7.