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Report: All well with Island water levels

Levels of water in test wells on the Island are better than normal despite a moderate seasonal aquifer drawdown, according to numbers released for September by the United States Geological Survey.

Greg Toner, who compiles the monthly reports for the Water Advisory Committee (WAC), said there are no signs of any imminent drought. A large upturn in September with good rainfall amounts and seemingly reduced use contributed to the situation, Mr. Toner said.

September rainfall was at 5.5 inches and the year to date showed rainfall at 32.77 inches, pretty much average for this time of year, according to WAC member Ken Pysher.

All wells except Menantic are higher than their median levels. The Menantic reading was as low this September as its low prior reading, he said. Except for Menantic, the other test wells dropped less than usual and some even showed a gain in water height.

Readings for the big four wells — Congdon, Manwaring Road, Goat Hill and Manhansett — show a typical seasonal drawdown, Mr. Toner said.

The WAC will discuss the report further at its Monday afternoon meeting.