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Shelter Island Police Department blotter

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Libia M. Guichay-Gutama of Hampton Bays was driving on South Ferry Road on Nov. 4 when she was given two tickets for failure to stop at a yield sign and for unlicensed driving.

Isabella G. Quattrone of Manlius, N.Y. was ticketed on North Ferry Road on Nov. 7 for driving at a speed not reasonable or prudent.

From Nov. 2 through 6, and on Nov. 8, police conducted 15 distracted driving, radar enforcement and traffic stops in the Center, Menantic, West Neck, Ram Island and Cartwright, resulting in nine warnings and two tickets.

Other reports

A caller told police that he had observed hunters trespassing on private property in West Neck on Nov. 4.

On Nov. 6, a person called the police to report a possible gas leak at a Ram Island residence. The Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) noticed an obvious smell of propane. The outside tank read empty, the valve to the house was closed and the residence cleared by the SIFD.

Also on that date, police were informed that no threats of violence or harassing behavior was reported in an incident reported for informational purposes only.

An open manhole was reported creating a hazard near a Center intersection on the 6th; the lid was replaced without incident.

A caller told police on Nov. 8 about a cryptocurrency scam.

In other reports during the week, police responded to five lost and found incidents; followed up on two false 911 calls; taught DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education ) classes to 5th graders at the school; performed New York State administrative duties; checked on the well-being of a resident; performed court duty; and handled traffic control.


A fire alarm at a Ram Island residence was accidentally activated on Nov. 2 when a workman was soldering.

The SIFD responded to three alarms in Long View, Winthrop and Cartwright on Nov. 5 and 6. One was caused by a malfunctioning plumbing fixture in the heating system, two were set off by food melting on a stovetop and burned food in the oven.

An alarm was set off accidentally in the Heights on Nov. 6. The SIFD responded to a fire alarm on Nov. 7 when a partially enclosed damper caused a puff back.

Animal incidents

Three sick raccoons reported in the Center, Heights and Harbor View, were captured by an animal control officer (ACO) and transported to a vet for euthanasia. A fourth sick raccoon sighted in the Heights could not be located by an ACO. 

A lost dog was reported missing from a Center yard; it had returned before an ACO arrived. A barking dog in the Center was located by the owner who said he was at another location during construction. The barking stopped without incident.

An injured deer in West Neck was gone when an officer arrived. Two injured deer in the Center were put down by police.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Nov. 3, 5 and 8. Two other cases refused medical attention.