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Dering Harbor mayor apologizes

Mayor Patrick Parcells issued a public apology at the Dering Harbor Board of Trustees meeting on Saturday, Oct. 13, for comments critical of a local company, East End Pest Control.

Following a report from Village resident John Colby that the company was drawing water from Village hydrants without permission, the mayor advised residents that he’d removed permission from the agreement with Suffolk County Water Authority for third-party use, which he’d characterized as “cheating.”

On Saturday, he apologized for that term and explained that subsequent communications had shown that the company had not had clear information they were not to use the hydrants.

He praised East End Pest Control for the quality of their work, calling the family-owned company “very, very nice people,” and said he would encourage residents to use the company if their services were needed.

The Board voted to opt out of permitting dispensaries or onsite consumption of cannabis in the Village, where no commercial activities are permitted.

When New York State legalized marijuana, municipalities needed to decide if they would opt out of participation.

As a result the State cannot issue a license for such businesses in the Village.

The Board meetings have resumed in person at Village Hall after being conducted via Zoom during COVID restrictions.

Repairs to structural problems in the building have been undertaken in recent weeks, with a fresh coat of paint signaling that the renovations were complete.