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Jack’s Marine is for sale: Moorings would need Town Board action

The time came to devote more time to one another and long-delayed travel, Mike Anglin said about the decision he and his wife Camille have made to sell Jack’s Marine.

After 44 years of running the iconic Shelter Island hardware, marine and toy store on Bridge Street — and 77 years the business has been family owned — it’s been on the market for the past two years.

Mr. Anglin confirmed he’s talking to interested parties, and while there’s not a sale yet, when a deal is secured, Mr. Anglin expects the operation would continue as a marina, while also selling hardware, marine products and toys — at least initially. What a new owner might decide to do in the future, of course, would be up to that owner, Mr. Anglin said.

It was Ms. Anglin’s passion for toys that resulted in those products being sold when the couple took the store over in 1977. She’s had a steady hand on the pulse of what toys are popular year-to-year and can often boast that while other stores were out of stock, she’s been able to fill buyers’ wishes.

As for the marina operation, questions about whether moorings can be sold with the business to a buyer, seem to parallel, in some ways, the situation Ram’s Head Inn owner Aandrea Carter has faced.

She had to apply to the Waterways Management Advisory Committee to keep the moorings, winning an easy recommendation from the WMAC to keep them. But she ran into an issue of the Town Code allowing only residents to have moorings, and that’s something the Town Board is working to resolve.

Town Clerk Dorothy Ogar said the Board is working on definitions that would allow Ms. Carter to gain approval for moorings associated with her business, even though she resides in Sag Harbor.

Mr. Anglin doesn’t anticipate any difficulty in a new owner being able to keep existing moorings vital to the business.

When Jack’s Marine is sold, a new owner may or may not be a Town resident. If not, it’s possible the same definitions that would apply to the Ram’s Head Inn would apply to Jack’s Marine.

The existing Town Board hasn’t yet voted on the issue, but discussions have indicated a general belief that business owners who don’t live on the Island should be afforded the same privileges.