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Shelter Island COVID cases continue to rise

The news continues to be concerning about COVID-19 cases on Shelter Island.

Deputy Supervisor Amber Brach-Williams said at Tuesday’s Town Board work session that three new cases of the virus have been reported among Island residents within the past week.

That brings the total number of those who have been identified as infected to 96 in the Town since the count began in March 2020. 

Ms. Brach-Williams also reported that the Suffolk County positivity rate among residents continues to climb, now at 5.3%, up from 4.5% last week, reflecting a steady trend up since the beginning of November. On Oct. 30 the County’s positivity rate was 2.31%.

There were 848 new cases reported in the County on Nov. 27.

More than 81% of the County’s population ages 18 and older are fully vaccinated. Just under 69% of the total population is fully vaccinated.

At least one fatality has been reported in the County nearly every day of the month. Across the U.S., an average of more than 1,110 people have died per day in the last seven days from COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

About 41% of the U.S. population is not yet fully vaccinated.

Data continue to show fully vaccinated residents are at much lower risk of becoming infected with COVID-19, although breakthrough cases do occur. And more importantly, the fully vaccinated are much less likely to require hospitalization as a result of infection.