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Shelter Island Police Department blotter: Dec. 7, 2021

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Frank W. Bishop of Oxford, Miss. was driving on Manwaring Road on Nov. 30 and given a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Jeffrey W. Reiter of Shelter Island received two summonses from police on St. Mary’s Road on Nov. 30 — one for driving an uninspected vehicle and the other for an unregistered vehicle.

Russell W. Smith of Shelter Island was stopped by police on the same date on North Ferry Road and also ticketed for driving an uninspected and unregistered vehicle.

On Dec. 2, Melegio De La Cruz-Mayen of Greenport was given a summons on West Neck Road for operating a vehicle while using a portable electronic device. He was also ticketed for unlicensed operation.

Police issued a ticket to Gordon Z. Cantley of Shelter Island on Dec. 4 for speeding on North Cartwright Road — 50 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone.

During the week, on Nov. 30 and on Dec. 2 through Dec. 4, police conducted 18 distracted driving, radar enforcement and traffic stops in the Center, Ram Island, Menantic, Cartwright and the Heights, resulting in 15 warnings and six tickets.

One parking ticket was also issued.


One minor accident was reported. A Heights post office employee told police he saw minor damage to a loading dock when he arrived for work on Nov. 30. He said an Amazon delivery truck was the only vehicle to use the dock prior to his arrival, but was unable to provide vehicle registration or driver information. Amazon was notified and will pay for any damage.

On Dec. 2, Jil A. Diepold of Monroe, N.Y. reported that damage to her vehicle in a Nov. 24 accident exceeded $1,000. She had been traveling north on Brander Parkway when a deer ran into her vehicle, damaging the passenger-side front and hood. It was reported as a minor accident at the time since the estimate of the damage had not been received.

Other reports

On Nov. 30, a caller reported a strange noise he believed came from a faulty air conditioning unit at a neighbor’s house. An officer found the unit making a rattling noise but then it stopped and ran without a problem. The owner was notified.

The next day, a bay constable assisted taking water samples on Fresh Pond. Also on Dec. 1, low hanging wires in HiLo were reported; Verizon was notified.

A caller told police on Dec. 1 that an unknown man had walked onto his Menantic property, talking on his phone, and leaving two minutes later. The caller sent video coverage of the incident but did not want to pursue charges at that point.

On Dec. 2, a tree in West Neck fell on secondary wires, causing a hazardous condition. Officers notified PSEG. The next day, officers noted an open door at a Center residence. It was searched and no criminal activity observed. The owner was notified.

Police investigated a call on Dec. 3 that an unknown man was on a Ram Island property.

Also on the 3rd, two bay constables checked all town landings for compliance with the town code. An inflatable and a canoe, abandoned and in bad condition, were disposed of at the Recycling Center. A mushroom anchor was also removed.

Police opened an investigation on Dec. 4 into a “suspicious activity” reported in the Center.

In other incidents, police gave a safety talk to 8th and 9th graders in preparation for their Disney trip; responded to two lost and found reports; provided a lift assist to a resident; conducted a semi-annual inspection of the property room and impound area; and followed up on a missing person report.


Fire alarms were set off on Nov. 30 on Ram Island and on Dec. 4 in Silver Beach. The first was caused by relocating the smoke detector; the second by smoke from cooking in the kitchen.

A burglary alarm at a West Neck residence on Dec. 3 was triggered when the owner’s passcode was not working.


Two sick raccoons were reported in Hay Beach and HiLo; an animal control officer (ACO) removed one animal and found the other dead. Two sick raccoons in the Center and Cartwright were taken to a vet for euthanasia.

A caller said her dog had gotten away from her in Hay Beach. An ACO assisted in the search and the dog returned home on its own. A barking dog was reported in Cartwright. An ACO observed the area for 30 minutes and heard no barking.

Two dogs at large were reported in the Center; an ACO searched the area with the owner until both dogs came home on their own.

A cat was found in Silver Beach. An ACO scanned the cat for a microchip and was able to notify the owners.

A caller said there was an owl on the pool cover of a Center home; the owl flew off before the ACO could arrive.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported five people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Nov. 30, Dec 1 and 4.