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Bucks need housing: Grand prize raffle winner named

Winter weather and COVID pandemic notwithstanding, the Shelter Island Bucks are focused on spring and the prospect of fielding a team this summer.

Whatever happens in the months ahead, General Manager Brian Cass knows that a major component of being able to bring a team to the Island is to secure housing. That effort begins in earnest now, Mr. Cass said.

He knows from past seasons that the presence of COVID makes the effort more difficult, but is optimistic that news of the Omicron variant galloping across the nation now will subside just as it has in other countries.

He and a volunteer from the Shelter Island Lions Club, Frank Vecchio, are spearheading the housing effort and will be reaching out to past host families to get an indication of willingness to open their homes to players, providing it is safe to bring a team to the Island this summer.

They’re also hoping others who haven’t hosted in the past will consider volunteering for this summer.

Mr. Cass can be reached by phone at 631 445 0084 or email at [email protected] Mr. Vecchio can be reached by phone at 516 317 8687 or by email at [email protected]

Grand Prize Winner

Patti Hooks, a manager at the Shelter Island IGA, is the grand prize winner of the Christmas raffle  sponsored by the team and the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League. Ms. Hooks wins a one-week stay at the resort, Villa Navillus Sur on Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico.

The team and league are grateful to those who contributed prizes and those who purchased tickets. They extend thanks to the Bucks team sponsors, the Shelter Island Lions Club, Shelter Island Hardware, Justin Sullivan, Mike Gaynor, the John Evans family, the Austin-Hanley family and the Reporter and Shelter Island Gazette, all of whom helped make the raffle a success.