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Progress for boys varsity basketball team

The junior varsity basketball team and the varsity team traveled to Greenport on Thursday, Jan. 6 for a doubleheader against the Porters.

The JV lost the first game 56-12, with three girls on the team, Kaitlyn Gulluscio, Sophie Clark and Madison Springer, accounting for all 12 points.

The varsity game resulted in an 81-26 final score, a season high in points for the Islanders.

As coaches, we call that “baby steps,” and as the old GE commercial ad once said: “Progress is our most important product”.

How do you measure progress?  Less turnovers, better spacing on the offensive end of the court, good passing, and getting the ball into the paint. Although the Porters played a 2-3 zone most of the game, the Islanders got many good scoring opportunities in this game.  

The Islanders began the game trading baskets and tying the score at 6-6 with just 4:30 remaining in the 1st quarter. But Greenport went on a 16-0 run, mostly off fast break opportunities for easy baskets, ending the quarter with a 22-6 advantage. 

One of the major problems all season for the Islanders has been the inability of the guards to get back on defense after a turnover, or a defensive rebound and quick outlet pass. Players have to mentally recover more quickly, forget about mistakes on the offensive end, and get back on defense. This is even more important when you’re struggling to score. The coaches reminded their players during timeouts, but getting them to make that adjustment is sometimes challenging.

On a bright note, the Islanders scored 10 points in the 2nd-quarter, but still trailed 46-16.

During the 3rd quarter, the Islanders got beat on the backboards, with the Porters getting second and third chances on the offensive end. Learning how to use your body and blocking-out, are skills that will come, as players move forward.

The Porters led 62-21 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

The 4th quarter was much the same, with some good offensive ball movement and good shots, but without much scoring. Nevertheless, the team did score 26 points and felt they had made progress, especially on the offensive end.

The Porters ended up with four players in double figures: Freeman (18), Horton (16), Corwin (13), and Lawrence (11) combining for 58 points. Greenport now has a 5-2 Suffolk VII record.

The Islanders were led by freshman Harrison Weslek with 8-points on 4 field goals. Bazzy Quigley Dunning scored 6 points on two successful 3-pointers, and Hayden Davidson (3) and Elijah Davidson (3) combining for 6 points. Emmett Cummings, Luca Martinez, and Sebastian Romero combined for the remaining 6 points.

The Islanders travel to Port Jefferson on Tuesday, January 11 for a JV game at 4:30 p.m. and a varsity game at 6:15 p.m.

NOTE: Shelter Island School Athletic Director Todd Gulluscio has some advice for fans planning to attend one of the teams’ away games. Get in touch with him first.

“As spectator guidelines are changing frequently throughout Suffolk County schools for sports, it would be advisable for anyone looking to go to one of our away games to check in on the day of the game with me via phone or email and see if it is permissible,” Mr. Gulluscio said. “I would hate for someone to travel somewhere just to be turned away. I’m able to communicate that information with the parents, but I know we do have other residents who like to go to games. For now, we are having only home spectators in our gym.”

For games away from home, contact Mr. Gulluscio at 631-749-0302 ext. 107, or email at [email protected]