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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: Jan. 12, 2022

The study

To the Editor:

The recent proposal to pipe septic effluent from several municipal properties to Klenawicus Airfield to treat it for nitrogenous waste removal is preposterous.

This plan is based on an engineering study submitted by Pio Lombardo from Massachusetts. This study is a joke. It consists of 58 pages of holistic horse manure designed to obfuscate the fact that Mr. Lombardo is nothing more than a sales representative for NitrexTM, posing as an independent consultant.

Nowhere in the 58 pages does the report attempt to define or quantify whatever problems we are addressing. In fact a careful reading of the report reveals on page 22 under the heading: “Functional and Performance Needs in Study Area,” it clearly states: “There are no known functional failures in study area.”

By its very own words the study concludes there is no need for this ludicrous proposal. This is just another attempt by our elected officials to promote expensive solutions to problems that don’t exist.

The fact that our town engineer fell for all this is indicative of his incompetence. He should be replaced.

DAVID OLSEN, Shelter Island

Questions, questions

To the Editor:

Is anyone truly surprised that the WMAC, the oligarchy of commercial mooring owners, and waterfront home owners, has left the town completely unprepared for the transition of the businesses The Ram’s Head Inn and Jack’s Marine?

That the WMAC has pushed the narrative that only their committee can manage and make recommendations regarding placement of moorings and docks? That it is beyond the comprehension of Town Board members, and they need to become a Board with expanded powers? Are you surprised that the WMAC would cancel their January meeting because they can’t think of one thing to discuss other than approving mooring applications? 

Is there any reason to discuss the interests of baymen in regards to town landings and mooring expansion? Any reason to discuss the growing field of aquaculture in surrounding waters? Eel grass and conservation moorings? How about the influx of “super yachts” and the impact on the ferries and how they are clogging up Shelter Island Sound around Mashomack? Larger boats creating unmanageable wakes in West Neck Harbor?

And this paper now fully in the leverage of real estate ads which supports its profits, are you willing to examine in depth the relationship of the public’s rights and usage of the waterways and the profiteering that has become baked in from countless changes to the mooring law since its inception in 1987? 

To the Town Board, with your full plate of agenda items, like subsidized/affordable housing, waste water treatment, West Neck water and ongoing litigation, are you going to throw in the towel on the public trust of the Island’s bays and creeks? 

BERT WAIFE, Shelter Island

Town leaders must become aware

To the Editor:

I previously wrote a letter concerning the increased development on the North Fork, particularly around exemptions being granted to certain projects that are sure to strain our natural resources and our road system, not to mention the complete change in character these will bring.

The Soloviev Group is behind a number of these projects; in addition to the North Fork, the Solovievs have started to buy significant properties on Shelter Island.

Should anyone doubt the Solovievs intentions, please read the following about Stefan Soloviev, the head of the Soloviev empire with $4.4 billion to play with: businessinsider.com/stefan-soloviev-inherits-sheldon-solows-empire-temper-2022-1

To our respective Town leaders: Please be fully aware of what is happening and take steps to avoid Soloviev turning us into a clone of the South Fork. The first step is to not issue exemptions for commercial development. The second is to insist that exhaustive environmental studies be carried out on each proposed project requiring a permit.


Support and kindness

To the Editor:

I would like to express my appreciation to the editor and to Julie Lane, as well as my senior support network for selecting me as the Shelter Island Reporter’s Person of the Year. You guys sure know how to keep a secret!

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge those who supported me in my efforts. Chris Lewis and the Shelter Island Senior Citizens Foundation, Gerry Siller and the Shelter Island Town administration, Lucille Buergers, LCSW, our high-performing Senior Center staff and volunteers, our OT students and their faculties, my family, as well as our town folks and, of course, our seniors. 

We are so fortunate to live in such a special place, this precious gem of an island that we call home. I thank you all so much for your support and your kindness. 

LAURIE FANELLI, Shelter Island

Our dear friend

To the Editor:

We know we’re not the only ones who grieve the loss of Jim Polychron. Jim was a gift to our Island community. He was compassionate to all, alert to any change he observed, which he reported immediately. He always looked out for our seniors and those we served.

Jim was an outstanding team member among the drivers at the Senior Center. He was genuinely concerned for the wellbeing and safety of all seniors he transported. He was always appreciated for his friendly and attentive devotion to Shelter Island and its seniors in need.

He was also an active member of the Recreation Committee. He was devoted to helping improve our fitness center and recreation department. His enthusiasm will be missed.

We learned that Jim was always, first and foremost, a perfect gentleman. He had boundless compassion for Island seniors, and everyone else. We will miss him for his sense of humor, his interest in all things, and for that big smile that was always on his face. You couldn’t know a nicer man than Jim.

He put his heart into everything and we have all benefited from his presence. This island has lost a wonderful human being. 

Jim was kind, intelligent, funny, a great friend, dependable, and always willing to help out. Having Jim for a co-worker was certainly a pleasure.

Jim was planning for the day we could safely get back on the bus with things to do and places to see. We will forever appreciate the commitment and time that he put into bettering our community.      

Rest in peace, Jim. We love you. You will be sorely missed as a co-worker, and as a friend.

Staff members, Senior Center and Recreation Department, Shelter Island