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Shelter Island Library: Calling all film buffs

From the first film shot on New York streets — Herald Square, an 1894 “actuality” that recorded events of the day on the sidewalks outside of Edison’s studio — to a recent episode of ”The Gilded Age” and 2022’s Oscar nominee, “West Side Story,” New York has played countless starring, if not title, roles. Central Park alone holds 532 credits between 1900 and 2020.

On April 1, Friday Night Dialogues @ the Library features “New York In The Movies,” via Zoom with noted writer and producer Erin Coughlin, who will present a celebration of New York’s exciting history and role in film making and television, including the city’s role as a unique setting and an iconic character on screen seen in, “Manhattan,” “Moonstruck,” “Blackboard Jungle,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Sunday in New York,” “Barefoot in the Park,” “Plaza Suite,” “Hello Dolly,” “Wall Street,” “The Sweet Smell of Success,” “Midnight Cowboy,” “A Bronx Tale,” “Marty,” “On the Town,” “42nd Street,” “Funny Girl,” “The Producers” … the list goes on and on.

The work and influence of diverse filmmakers from New York and Long Island will be explored, such as iconic directors Martin Scorsese, Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola and groundbreaking film-makers Barbra Streisand, Nora Ephron (not to mention her sister Delia and her parents), Sophia Coppola, Ang Lee, Edward Burns, Judd Apatow, Jordan Peele, Todd Philips and Spike Lee among them.

Popular TV shows filmed on location in New York, which have shaped the city’s current role in productions will be in the mix, an equally-long roster from “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons,” to “Seinfeld” and iconic cop shows like “NYPD Blue.” “Bluebloods,” and the “Law & Order” franchise.

Ms. Coughlin will lead the discussion and welcomes questions and comments. Join us for a shared appreciation of film/TV, as well as an opportunity to learn about and get involved with events, groups, organizations and podcasts.

Ms. Coughlin is a native New Yorker whose work as a producer and journalist earned her nominations for the 2016 Roger Ebert Fellowship for Film Criticism and IndieWire’s Critics Academy (2016, 2017).

She is a guest commentator for The BBC, and with more than 20 years experience in film production and journalism, has created featured content for a variety of media outlets, including NBC Universal’s SyFy and Entertainment Weekly.

She’s the author of “The Pop and Fizz’s Double Feature Movie Night Guide,” an interactive series that helps movie enthusiasts plan a fun movie night at home. For additional information, contact Erin Coughlin, [email protected]

Like all Library programs, “New York in the Movies” is free, while donations are gratefully accepted. It begins at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 1, on Zoom. Please register for the program at least 30 minutes in advance, at silibrary.org, stop by the library, or phone 631-749-0042.

Next Up: “Bliss Morehead Memorial Poetry Reading” on Friday, April 22..