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Bomb threat called in against South Ferry: Search reveals no device, investigation remains active

A bomb threat against South Ferry was called in to the police Easter Sunday night around 10:40 p.m., according to the Shelter Island Police Department (SIPD).

The call was received by the Southold Police Dispatch Center, which routes calls to the SIPD. The South Ferry terminals in North Haven and Shelter Island were secured by the Southampton Police Department and the SIPD, respectively.

According to South Ferry President Cliff Clark, the caller said an explosive device was placed under the ATM shed at the Shelter Island terminal.

The SIPD said after a thorough search of both terminals it was determined that no explosive device was located or existed. 

South Ferry Captain Matt Rohde was at the helm of a boat working at the North Haven dock when he received the police call. “Matt didn’t let anyone board and he and a crew mate took the boat out into the middle of the channel,” Mr. Clark said, noting that Captain Rohde had been a tank commander in Desert Storm and acted coolly “and understands risk assessment.”

Cars waiting to board the ferry in North Haven were moved away from the dock by police.

The New York State Police Department dispatched a bomb sniffing dog, which went to work on both ferry terminals, transported across the water by South Ferry.

When the all-clear came, South Ferry took seven cars waiting at North Haven “and brought them home,” Mr. Clark said.

Some cars had gone around to Greenport to get home, and even though North Ferry had finished service for the day, a boat was dispatched from Shelter Island to bring them across.

“A real Shelter Island thing to do,” Mr. Clark said.

The SIPD reported that the investigation into the source and identity of the threat remains active.