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A home on the Island: The Rules of The Road

The rule of the road

Is to drive on the ‘right’,

But joggers or walkers

Should keep traffic in sight.

Yes, run on the left

It’s the opposite side.

These are the laws

And we all must abide.

One hazard to beware of 

When on the left side,

Be mindful of ticks

Looking to hitch a ride.

Wear your long socks

Check yourself when done. 

You don’t want to pick up those critters

On your daily run.

And look out for the turtles

Who may be crossing the road.

Please help them across

It’s Good Samaritan code.

Some mindful drivers 

May move to the middle.

While others look down

At their phones while they fiddle.

Never assume you are noticed,

Try to be always be seen.

Wear ultra bright colors

Like neon yellow or green.

At dawn or at dusk,

When its getting dark- 

Reflectors or flashers

Keep you an easy spot to mark.

A stroll after dinner

Is good for digestion.

But remember the rules,

It’s more than a suggestion. 

There may be cyclists

They’re on the road too.

But they ride with traffic

And that’s what they should do.

Headphones are great

To keep your pace humming,

But keep the volume low

To hear cars that are coming. 

For many drivers this summer,

The roads of Shelter Island are new …

A blind spot, a curve

Even a hill or two.

These roads aren’t easy

They’re not always that wide. 

Stay alert, pay attention

As you are hitting your stride. 

The streets can get busy

Whether you drive, bike, walk or run-

We all share the road,

So lets all stay safe and have fun.