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Shelter Island Police Department blotter, May 24, 2022

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Rebecca M. Shafer of Shelter Island was stopped by police on May 16 on Ram Island Drive and ticketed for driving an uninspected vehicle.

On May 18, Juan L. Arevalo Lopez of Greenport was given two tickets on Manwaring Road for driving while using a portable electronic device and for unlicensed operation.

Amanda T. Stetler of Greenport received a summons for speeding on North Cartwright Road on May 19 — 61 mph in a 35-mph zone.

Also on that date, two tickets were issued to Otto J. Garrido of Southold, one for speeding on St. Mary’s Road — 52 mph in a 35-mph zone. The second was for unlicensed operation.

Fernando Hernandez of Amityville was given a summons on May 21 for failure to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Road.

Paul O. Wimer of Englewood, Colo. was stopped on South Midway Road on May 21 and issued a ticket for making an improper or unsafe turn without signaling.

On May 22, Lamia Funti of New York City was given a summons on New York Avenue for speeding — 41 mph in a 25-mph zone.

Also on that date Elvis Lorenzo Gonzalez of Aquada, P.R. was ticketed on North Ferry Road for driving an uninspected vehicle.

Police conducted 25 radar, distracted driving and traffic stops on May 16 through 19 and on May 21 and 22, resulting in 12 warnings and 10 tickets

Traffic control officers issued 26 parking tickets during the week.

Other reports

A possible case of grand larceny was reported on May 16 by a HiLo resident. On the 17th, a Center caller told police her cell phone was possibly stolen.

On May 18, a caller said she had observed on her “ring camera” an unknown person trying to open the front door of her Center residence and walking around the property. She requested that the police respond and confirm the residence was secure, which an officer did.

A caller told police that a pickup truck driver was causing a disturbance in West Neck on May 18. An officer responded, spoke to the driver and confirmed there were negative problems.

A dock was reported being removed on Ram Island on May 19. The responding officer was informed the Highway Department had done so on instructions by the Town. The caller was advised to contact the town attorney about the matter. shelterislandreporter.timesreview.com/2022/05/21/town-removes-planks-to-rams-head-inn-dock-no-indication-of-when-the-decision-was-made/

On the same date, a person told police for information purposes that someone had attempted to cash a fraudulent check on his account. The bank stopped payment and there was no money lost.

On May 19, 21 and 22, police carried out Environmental Conservation Law checks in West Neck and Hay Beach. In the first check, six people preparing to fish were assisted in obtaining day passes for parking. Twenty-four people were fishing in West Neck on the 21st; 19 at Hay Beach on the 22nd. Everyone was in compliance and all were reminded to pick up their trash upon leaving.

A caller told police on May 19 that a person had passed out in a vehicle parked in a West Neck driveway. When an officer arrived, the driver had left the vehicle and said he had consumed alcohol hours before; he was turned over to the care of his brother.

Police opened a confidential investigation on May 19.

On May 20, a Menantic caller reported that a neighbor was cutting branches and limbs off of her tree that was overhanging on the neighbor’s property. An officer responded to make sure that limbs would not be cut beyond the caller’s property line.

A West Neck caller told police on May 21 that she was having issues with her landlords and requested that an officer speak to them. Police advised the landlords not to enter the caller’s residence without her permission.

An officer and bay constable stopped a boat off Crescent Beach for being inside a designated swim area. The boat’s operator said he was not aware he was in the swim area and was given a warning.

A Shelter Island bay constable responded to a May 21 report from Southold police about three people in the water in Southold Bay. Two were found clinging to a stand-up paddleboard near a submerged kayak; the third, who was wearing a life preserver, was later located about a quarter mile away. All three were retrieved; two showing signs of hypothermia, and were transported to shore off Brigantine Avenue for evaluation.

Police received an anonymous complaint on the 21st about two children playing on construction equipment in West Neck. An officer found them playing on a dirt mound near a construction site. They were told not to play there and a parent was also notified. The officer put up caution tape around the site.

A Center caller called police a number of times on the 22nd about someone being in his yard. Officer canvassed the area with negative results.

Also on that date, a boat in Dering Harbor was stopped and a warning issued to the operator about displaying the New York State registration sticker and numbers and about carrying all required documentation on board.

In other incidents during the week: police appeared in Justice Court; fingerprinted a person for employment purposes; and provided a lift assist for a resident.


A caretaker reported that an activated alarm at a Center residence on May 16 was the cause of a malfunction.

Police and the Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD) responded to a fire alarm on Ram Island on May 17 due to excessive sanding dust in the residence.

There were negative problems reported when an alarm was triggered in the Police Department’s boiler room on May 20. A caretaker was on site at a Center residence on May 22 when a carbon monoxide alarm was activated; the SIFD confirmed there was no problem.

There were also no problems when a motion alarm was set off at the Historical Society on May 22.

Also on that date, the SIFD declared a false alarm when a HVAC room heat detector was activated in West Neck. The SIFD also responded to an alarm at the E&M Professional Building in the Center, set off by a faulty alarm handle.


Several dogs at large were reported during the week. An officer brought one back to police headquarters where it was retrieved by its owner. Two dogs loose in Menantic and one in the Center were captured by the owners prior to the arrival of the animal control officer (ACO). An area in the Center was canvassed with negative results when a dog was reported at large there.

An owner reported her dog had attacked a chicken in the Center; the ACO put the chicken down with the owner’s consent.

The ACO assisted the owner in getting a barking dog inside the house in Cartwright.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported five people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on May 17, 18 and 20.