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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: June 23, 2022

Ceremony of Life

To the Editor:

On March 27, 2022, the obituary of Patricia Haig was shared in these pages.

Instead of a traditional funeral, Pat wanted a Celebration of Life Ceremony. Jay and Judy Card, among Pat’s many nieces and nephews, are hosting a reception in “Auntie’s” honor, and invite you to join them on Saturday, June 25, at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club at 1 p.m.

Feel free to stop by and share any memories of Pat, or just to say hello. In lieu of flowers, a contribution to the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation, PO Box 547, Shelter Island, NY 11964, (siambulancefoundation.org) who took such great care of her throughout her time on the Island, would be a kind remembrance.

JUDY CARD, Shelter Island

The right way

To the Editor:

I have been waiting for an official and inclusive Town meeting on affordable housing for several months. I was therefore most surprised to see the June 16 Reporter publish a front page article on a “public hearing” that had taken place.

I have since asked a lot of people if they knew of such an event. Not one person did. It is interesting that people on the various community housing committees seemed to know while so many residents did not. A meeting of such importance deserves special noticing.

Affordable housing is a nationwide issue, and our Town government is right in trying to tackle it locally. I certainly see a need for a housing solution, on the right scale, and done in the right way.

Unfortunately there are many unknowns currently being opined on, often emotionally and without facts. The thoughtful letters of Ms. Kaier and Ms. Bleistein ask why we are rushing to hire a consultant and have a referendum on something that does not yet appear to be fleshed out.

Ideas like TDRs may work for Islip, Riverhead or Southold (all with larger land masses) but not be so good for smaller Shelter Island.

The Town has just committed us to a fall referendum. Southold has postponed theirs in order to better develop their plan. Why are we not entitled to have the definitive, well-noticed and publicized public forum on this very important topic?


Record straight

To the Editor:

I need to clarify some things. While speaking at the podium (during the public hearing on the referendum) I meant to say, “I teach science” rather than stating, “I am a science teacher.” There is a difference. I have co-taught multiple science courses over the last 16 years, including earth science and marine science. Because of this, I never would have said what the Reporter published.

The Reporter paraphrased part of my statement as “new housing potentially polluting the aquifer was not an issue …”

I would never say that. I didn’t even imply that. What I did say was, “We can’t move forward with building [housing] without Suffolk County approval [when it comes to water and wells].” If you go and watch the recording of the meeting, I never mention pollution or the aquifer. I just wanted to set the record straight.

NELL LOWELL, Shelter Island