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Shelter Island Police Department blotter, July 19, 2022

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Diana E. Lawrence, Naples, Fla., was driving on Burns Road on July 11, when she was stopped by police for failure to stop at a stop sign.

On July 12, Petter F. Ringbom, New York City, was ticketed on West Neck Road for an uninspected vehicle.

Ricardo G. Alvizures Gomez, Riverhead, was given a summons on the 13th for driving while using a portable electronic device on North Menantic Road.

On the 14th, Marina I. Benasuli, New York City, was ticketed for driving at a speed not reasonable and prudent on North Ferry Road.

Four speeding tickets were issued on July 14, 15 and 16 on North and South Cartwright roads: Hiram W. Emery, Greenwich, Conn., 50 miles per hour in the 35-mph zone; Christopher J. Harrington, New York City, 50 mph; Jeremy T. Laptook, Brooklyn, 50 mph; and John M. Leo, Sag Harbor, 48 mph.

Jack S. Rangaiah, Scarsdale, was given a summons on July 17 on North Menantic Road for driving with insufficient brake lights.

Bay constables issued four tickets on July 16 and 17: Steven M. Sciotto, Jupiter, Fla., four children under 12 not wearing personal flotation devices on a boat in West Neck Harbor; Justin C. Jabara, Ridgefield, Conn., operating an unregistered boat in West Neck Harbor; Joshua A. Resnick, New York City, an unregistered boat in Coecles Harbor; and Craig J. Nossel, Miami Beach, Fla., imprudent speed causing a wake in the North Channel.

Police conducted 32 distracted driving, radar enforcement and traffic stops in the Center, Heights, Cartwright, Menantic and West Neck on July 11 through 17, resulting in 30 warnings and nine tickets.

Traffic control officers issued 35 parking tickets.


Maija F. Oseniece, London, U.K., was driving south on Grand Avenue on July 11 when she sideswiped a parked vehicle, owned by Joseph L. Kelly, Shelter Island. Damage to the passenger-side front of Ms. Oseniece’s vehicle and the driver’s side of Mr. Kelly’s exceeded $1,000.

Other reports

The animal control officer (ACO) conducted a dog patrol of Crescent and Wades beaches on July 11, 12, 15, 16 and 17; three warnings were issued.

A caller reported on July 11 that several items had been stolen from the caller’s Center driveway.

On the 12th, a possible boat fire was reported and investigated by police and the Shelter Island Fire Department (SIFD). The boat was tied to a Ram Island dock; there was no sign of smoke and the engine was turned off. The smoke may have been caused by an overheated engine and a coolant leak.

Also on the 12th, a tenant reported a West Neck landlord had made an obscene gesture at the security camera. Police looked unsuccessfully for an erratic driver reportedly headed to South Ferry.

Workers digging a foundation at a property in the Center were advised on the 13th to stop dumping sand on a neighbor’s property. A caller told police that he was being tailgated in Hay Beach; the vehicle’s driver was located and advised not to tailgate.

On July 14, a caller told police a young girl on her bike in the Heights was having difficulty staying on the roadway and almost got hit by a vehicle. An officer escorted her home and spoke to her parent. A verbal altercation was reported in another incident.

The next day, a caller told police his Center neighbor was asleep in his vehicle with the music playing while parked in the driveway. An officer knocked on the window and woke the neighbor, who stated he had just gotten home from work and fell asleep.

Police investigated a report of a stolen ring in Hay Beach on the 15th. Police consulted with the Heights Property Owners Corporation about ways to enforce no parking over 15 minutes in the alley between the pharmacy and the Chequit.

An officer conducted an Environmental Conservation Law check in Menantic on the 15th. There were no violations; three people were shell fishing. Also on the 15th, fireworks were reported on Ram Island’s Reel Point. An officer found two small piles of fireworks on fire and extinguished them. Loud talking on a porch in West Neck was reported anonymously; an officer canvassed the area with negative results.

Six boats anchored in Silver Beach outside of designated areas in West Neck Harbor were advised to move on July 16. A West Neck caller reported receiving unwanted text messages; he was advised to block the sender’s number on his phone. He was also told not to return to the sender’s location or he would be subject to arrest for trespass. The sender was also notified that the caller did not wish to be contacted.

Loud music was reported on a boat at a Coecles Harbor anchorage on the 16th. An officer was unable to locate the source of the music and spoke to the occupants of two boats in the area who also hadn’t heard anything. On that day, police also opened a confidential investigation.

Among other incidents: police conducted a well-being check; responded to six lost and found reports; jump started a vehicle; provided a lift assist; fingerprinted two people for employment purposes; and contacted the Highway Department and/or PSEG about downed tree limbs in Cartwright, Hay Beach and Silver Beach.


Police and the SIFD responded to a fire alarm in the Heights on July 13; the alarm company had set it off by accident. An alarm at the Shelter Island History Center was activated on July 14; there was no emergency. Two alarms at Foils and Follies in the Center on July 14 and 16 were set off due to technical difficulties with the alarm system. A burglary alarm in Hay Beach on July 15 was caused by the wrong password being entered. On the 17th, cooking set off a fire alarm in Silver Beach. The SIFD responded.


A squirrel was evicted by the ACO from a home in West Neck. An eel on a West Neck beach was removed by the ACO. Four raccoons “in distress” were reported in the Heights; all four were found to be healthy.

The ACO located a gull with a broken wing on Ram Island but was unable to capture it. The ACO rescued a dog stuck under a deck in HiLo. A second dog was reported stuck under a deck in Montclair. The ACO advised the caller to contact a carpenter to remove wood from the deck so the dog could be freed.

A caller reported dogs in a car in the Center with the windows only slightly opened. The ACO recognized the vehicle and spoke to its owner, advising him to leave the dogs at home next time. A dog was found in Silver Beach; the ACO located the owner by the microchip and reunited them.

Two dogs at large were reported in the Center; they had gone when the ACO arrived. A dog at large in the Heights was returned to its owner.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported eight people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on July 13, 14, 16 and 17. One case was taken to Southampton Hospital on July 11.