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Shelter Island Arts & Crafts Fair organizer: It was a ‘banner year’

The persistence of COVID variants were a factor at the recent Shelter Island Arts & Crafts Fair, according to organizer Janalyn Travis-Messer.

Some would-be exhibitors contracted COVID and had to cancel their participation at the Aug. 20 event on the lawn outside the school.

Nonetheless, the number of artists and crafts vendors were close to last year’s numbers, Ms. Travis-Messer said, calling it a “banner year.”

Patrons loved what was displayed, she said, calling it a successful year for sales for 99% of the vendors.

Prior to admitting artists and artisans to the event, Ms. Travis-Messer said she vets them to ensure their works are created by those participating so no one is bringing mass-produced items.

She has pictures of each participant creating works in their studios, she said.

Islanders and visitors were pleased with the works they were able to purchase, Ms. Travis-Messer said.

She has been organizing the event for 23 years and worked with previous organizers for three years before taking over the event.