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The word for Menantic Yacht Club’s 2022 season? Perfect

The Menantic Yacht Club (MYC) held its last series of Sunfish races for the 2022 season this past Sunday in near perfect conditions. 

In fact, the 2022 season was perfect in all respects. Not only did the MYC break attendance records with 63 sailors participating during the season, but 21 of those sailors sailed at least half of all races and qualified for the season, including eight women.

Three sailors, Paul Zinger, Charlie Modica and John Modica sailed all 66 races. Women made up a sizable portion of the fleet this summer; we hope to attract more younger members next year as well. Most importantly, everyone in the fleet improved greatly, with any sailor capable of placing in the top positions in any race. 

Will Lehr didn’t let the challenge of starting as a freshman at NYU last week stop him from joining the last race of the season; we wish Will great success. Ellen Leonforte had her best day racing ever, placing third in one race, matching Jodi Sisley’s third-place finish earlier in the season.

Linda Gibbs had her best day ever, placing fourth overall on the day and coming from 34 points down to overtake Rachel Beardsley in the final standings. Congrats to all.

I also want to give a shout out to Mary Vetri’s brother-in-law Mike Donlon, a non-sailor, for helping out in the rigging area before and after racing multiple times this summer.

The competition was robust on Sunday, even without top contenders Peter Beardsley, who was racing his Viper with the other yacht club, and Lee Montes, who is representing the MYC at the 2022 Sunfish World Championships in Italy.

Last year Melissa Pumphrey got the Burty Trophy for winning the last race of the season, and was hoping for a repeat this year. Paul was also hoping to win it this year, since he wasn’t in contention for first or second place this season, and commented before sailing that if he placed first in any race, the only one that he really wanted was the last race.

But there was stiff competition, as Melissa Pumphrey, Paul and Melissa Shepstone were all battling it out. Although Paul took three first-place finishes on the day, Melissa Shepstone won the last race of the day, leading Melissa Pumphrey to say she was happy that another Melissa had won it.

Matt Fox captained one chase boat, crewed by Melanie Coronetz, Rita Gates and Susie Masse. Rob Bethge captained the second chase boat, crewed by Betty Bishop. Many thanks to all of you for your devotion to the MYC this season.

Commodore Pete Bethge was the principal race officer (PRO) on Sunday. Also aboard the committee boat were Betsy Colby, Marian Thomsen and Sallie Bethge. The Race Committee ran six races, mixing up the courses. This was Commodore and Sallie Bethge’s last stint on the committee boat because, according to Pete and confirmed by Sallie, they are retiring — but we shall see.

Although we’ll miss Pete’s calm, professional management of the races and Sallie’s always-smiling face, we’ll still have Pete as commodore for at least another year. Thank you, both!

Betsy and John Colby hosted the annual awards ceremony. Everyone enjoyed the cuisine and the camaraderie, as well as the excitement over who would take home what trophy.

Prior to presenting the perpetual trophies, the club presented a special trophy to Commodore Pete as a small token of our respect and gratitude for his over 56 years of service and dedication to the MYC. Dave Olsen, who could not attend the ceremony, handcrafted the award, which was presented by yours truly.

Prior to awarding the perpetual trophies, Commodore Bethge awarded the Race Committee and chase boat crews replicas of Sunfish for their valued support:  Marian Thomsen, Betsy Colby, Rob Bethge, Matt Fox, Melanie Coronetz, Ellen Leonforte, Betty Bishop and Rita Gates.

The following perpetual trophies were then presented:

Windels trophy for winner of the first race of the season: Lee Montes

Burty trophy for the winner of the very last race: Melissa Shepstone

Season First Place trophy: Lee Montes

Season Second Place trophy: Peter Beardsley

Up the West Neck Creek Race trophy: Charlie Modica

Most Enthusiastic trophy: Peter Beardsley          

LYCE trophy: Kate Duff

MYCE trophy: Peter Beardsley

Most Improved trophy: Will Lehr

Best Ladies Sailing trophy: Linda Gibbs

Good Shipmate trophy: Ellen Leonforte

Commodore’s Cup:  Charlie Modica

Corinthian trophy: Charlie Modica

We are a very congenial club, open to all, with no dues, no fees and no clubhouse. The sailing is great, the camaraderie is superb, and we just have tremendous fun. All sailors, novice to expert, are welcome. Even though the 2022 season is over, there is always next year. Call Bob Harris at 505-235-5844 (email: [email protected]) to ask about our incredible club.

Enjoy the fall and see you on the water next year.

Day’s results     Place  Pts

Paul Zinger                        1                10

Derek Webster                   2            19

Steve Shepstone             3             30

Linda Gibbs        4           38

Charlie Modica      5      43

Melissa Pumphrey    6 44

Will Lehr                             7           48

Melissa Shepstone   8  49

John Modica       9           49

Bob Harris                         10          52            

Bill Martens       11         62

Denise Fenchel               12        69

Rachel Beardsley            13          78

Ellen Leonforte               14          80

Jonathan Brush               15          86

Alicia Rojas         16          96

Kate Duff                            17          104

Jodi Sisley                          18           106

Caroline Keating            19          111

Tom McMahon                    20           112

John Colby                         21             120

Mary Vetri                          22             126

Fred Zorovich                    23          141

Mark Peress                      24             142

Bredd Mintz                      25             152

Final season standings

1. Lee Montes     2.675

2. Peter Beardsley    2.786

3. Paul Zinger             3.393

4. John Modica           6.788

5. Steve Shepstone    7.000

6. Charlie Modica    7.651

7. Will Lehr          9.571

8. Bob Harris    9.646

9. Linda Gibbs             10.000

10. Rachel Beardsley 10.104

11. George Zinger      11.242

12. Denise Fenchel    11.448

13. Bill Martens       11.938

14. Jonathan Brush     15.778

15. John Colby             16.807

16. Kate Duff       16.837

17. Ellen Leonforte   16.862

18. Tom McMahon     17.146

19. Jodi Sisley      17.792

20. Alicia Rojas     18.071

21. Mary Vetri       18.143