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Battle of the Brains with Bob DeStefano returns to the Shelter Island Library

Are you a trivia fan?

Do you enjoy impressing your friends with your knowledge? Join the group at the Library on Friday, Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. for an evening of friendly competition and the opportunity to be crowned the kings or queens of trivia.

Actually, there’s no crown, just bragging rights: you get your name in the Reporter. The contest will consist of 50 general knowledge questions that teams will answer in writing.

Bob’s quizzes have been one of the most popular events on Zoom during the pandemic months of isolation, with neighbors happy to see each other and enjoy the fun of trying to guess the answers. Now returning in person, the Battle of the Brains promises to be a lively gathering.

“My favorite format is teams of four people. They put their heads together. Literally,” Bob said, describing the competition for an earlier Reporter story. “Laughter erupts at every table. The whole night is nothing but laughter.”

Known to all Islanders as the golf pro at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club for 50 years, Bob has run monthly trivia programs at the Rogers Memorial Southampton Library for years.

He has tailored special quiz events for garden clubs and other private parties. Some of the questions are tougher than others, but most require just dipping into the memory bank for a detail long forgotten.

Registration is required. Please sign up online at shelterislandpubliclibrary.org and be part of the fun.