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Men saved when boat sank off Reel Point

On the early morning of Sept. 23, a small, 12-foot fishing boat sank in the water off Reel Point on Ram Island.

Two men from New Jersey, ages 41 and 50, had been on board and were staying afloat in the water by hanging on to the boat. Both were wearing life jackets.

A friend on shore called for help.

Bay Constable Beau Payne and Officer Glenn Kehl responded, retrieved the two men and transported them to shore where an ambulance and Shelter Island EMTs were waiting.

The men said they had been in the water for about 30 minutes and were taken to Eastern Long Island Hospital for further treatment.

Personal effects were recovered from Gardiner’s Bay and the boat was towed back to shore by a police unit.

According to the police transcript, the entire rescue from start to finish took about 30 minutes.

“It was a nice save,” Police Chief Jim Read said.