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Drought conditions improving: Still a call for voluntary water conservation

Although there has been lots of rain of late, Shelter Island continues to be in a “guarded” state with respect to the need to voluntarily maintain water conservation measures, Water Advisory Committee member Greg Toner told his colleagues at a recent meeting.

There has been improvement in the northeast region and if typical seasonal weather prevails during the next few months, it should bring test wells up to typical levels for this time of year, Mr. Toner said.

Readings for the big four wells — Congdon, Manwaring Road, Goat Hill and Manhanset — are still below their median levels for this time of year, Mr. Toner said. But they showed an upturn in the September readings, a positive sign, he said.

Many of the shallower wells are at a strong level compared to their historic values. Mr. Toner speculated that might be because of the speed of the rainfall events that moved water into the aquifer more quickly. The process of getting real time measurements is underway.

Currently there are a few of the 13 test wells equipped to provide that ongoing data. But the WAC looks forward to having all its wells able to provide real time readings.