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Shelter Island Police Department blotter, Nov. 1, 2022

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.


Melissa Paller, 45, of Shelter Island, was arrested on Oct. 25 at 11:50 p.m. and charged with driving while intoxicated and unlicensed operation. Police had responded to a call reporting an accident at a West Neck Road residence. An officer found Ms. Paller behind the wheel. She had been traveling on West Neck Road when she drove off the roadway into the backyard of a residence at 57 West Neck Road, hitting an above-ground pool and the fence around it.

Damage to the rear of the vehicle exceeded $1,000.There was also property damage. The vehicle was towed and there were no reported personal injuries.

Ms. Paller was taken to police headquarters for processing, later released on her own recognizance and told to appear in court at a later date.


Karin Cadzin, Shelter Island, was driving on North Midway Road on Oct. 24 when she was ticketed by police for failure to stop at a stop sign.

The same day, Karin Boysen-Javidi, East Marion, was also given a summons for failure to stop at a stop sign — this one on New York Avenue.

Police conducted 17 distracted driving and traffic stops in the Center, Menantc and Ram Island from Oct. 24 through 29, resulting in eight warnings and the two tickets above.


On Oct. 30, Aidan R. Poleshuk, Shelter Island, was driving east on Stearns Point Road when a deer ran onto the roadway. In the draft report, Mr. Poleshuk said he swerved to avoid the deer and hit a pole, causing over $1,000 in damage to the left front and driver’s side of the vehicle. The vehicle had to be towed; there were no personal injuries.

Two other accidents were reported on Oct. 28 and 29. Peter Petre, Shelter Island, was driving north on South Ferry Road on Oct. 28 when a deer ran onto the roadway, hitting his vehicle and causing minor damage.

The next day, Aaron William Jacino, Rocky Point, told police he was parked at the IGA when a driver backed into his vehicle and then left the scene of the accident, traveling south on North Ferry Road. The area was canvassed with negative results. Mr. Jacino said he will email police a video taken on his dash cam; an officer will also follow up with the IGA on a video of the parking lot.

Other reports

On Oct. 25, a Heights caller told police about a broken second-floor window, but no other damage to the residence. The report was made for documentation purposes.

At the request of a Longview resident, an officer shut off the water causing a leak in the basement on Oct. 26.

While searching for a missing kayaker on the 27th, a bay constable noticed a dinghy washed ashore in North Haven and notified Southampton’s Police marine patrol.

On Oct. 28, a caller told police that a week ago his boat had hit something off Taylor’s Island, causing damage to his propeller. He wanted to report a potentially hazardous condition in that area. A bay constable canvassed the area several times and found no problems.

Damage to an address sign at a West Neck property was reported on Oct. 29.

Fireworks were heard in the Center on Oct. 30 and a loud party and fireworks were reported in the area of South Midway Road on that date. The area was searched with negative results.

In other incidents: police attended training in Yaphank and at police headquarters; handled five lost and found reports; processed a VIN (vehicle identification number) verification; and conducted four school crossings.


Police and the Shelter Island Fire Department responded to a carbon monoxide alarm in the Center on Oct. 27. No problems were reported.

A panic alarm on Oct. 28 on Ram Island was accidentally activated while being repaired. A fire alarm in the Center on that date was declared a false alarm by an employee on the premises.

Also on the 28th, police responded to a basement motion alarm in the Center. An officer entered the residence through an unlocked bilco door and found no signs of any criminal activity.


A sick raccoon in the Heights was transported by the animal control officer (ACO) to the vet. A ground hog “in distress” in the Center was taken by the ACO to a wildlife rehabilitator for observation.

For 30 minutes, an ACO observed an ongoing issue of a barking dog in the Center, but heard no barking. A second barking dog complaint was not found in violation of Town code. A dog at large in the Center was recognized by the ACO, who called the owner to bring the dog inside.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported five people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on Oct. 26, 27 and 29. A sixth case refused further medical attention on Oct. 27.