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The Halloween Trail at Mashomack

After a two-year absence due to COVID, The Nature Conservancy’s Halloween Trail at Mashomack came back to life.

On Saturday, October 29, over 100 enthusiastic adventurers headed into the woods to meet four costumed characters.

A piping plover, wearing a leg band to help with research efforts, asked for help to protect her eggs.

A skunk lamented how her relatives have been extirpated from Shelter Island, but how skunks help by eating insect pests.

The Bone Collector invited participants to her bone yard, and illuminated the curious about how human hands, bat wigs and whale flippers are formed from the same beginnings.

The Bone Collector, Piping Plover and Skunk hang out with Trail Coordinator Cindy Belt, before heading into the woods for Mashomack’s Halloween Trail. (Credit: Clarissa Tybaert)

Finally, Inspector Jones asked for kids’ help with a fish and shark mystery in the woods.

The walk was followed by hot cider and other seasonal refreshments.

A fun and educational time was had by all.