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Ballot proposition passes on funding affordable housing through real estate transfer tax

The Community Preservation Fund ballot Proposition 3 — which asked voters to vote up or down on employing a 0.5% real estate transfer tax to help fund affordable housing — has passed by a 15-vote margin.

The final tally was 931 to 916 after the Suffolk County Board of Elections completed counting absentee and affidavit ballots Wednesday afternoon.

Prior to Wednesday’s count, the in-person voting had the initiative losing by eight votes out of 1,770 cast.

The result from the outstanding absentee and affidavit votes was 50 in favor to 27 opposed. Republican Party Chairman Gary Blados and Democratic  Party Chairwoman Heather Reylek confirmed the tally from today, although the Board of Elections online listing hosted by the New York State Board of Elections still carries only the numbers from election night.

On Tuesday, Town Attorney Stephen Kiely told the Town Board there would be a mandatory recount because the outcome was so close, but there is no confirmation from the Board of Elections on whether the 15 vote margin will force a recount.

The Reporter will follow up with the Board of Elections about whether a recount is mandatory, and with statements from both proponents and opponents of the proposition, and post additional information on this site as it is confirmed.