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309 COVID booster shots administered at school

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital officials were not planning more local inoculations of the COVID-19 Pfizer-BioNTech booster shots, but thanks to organization efforts on the Island, hospital workers agreed to arrange for a clinic at Shelter Island School on Nov. 11 if at least 200 people signed up to take the shots.

Originally, Town officials expected enough vaccine would be available for up to 240 booster shots. That number increased to more than 300, and at the end of the clinic, 309 shots had been administered, according to Deputy Supervisor Amber Brach-Williams.

While Councilman Jim Colligan credited her with the organization, she noted there were many others who made the local shots possible, including Police Chief Jim Read, who coordinates the town’s emergency response team; school officials who provided the site; Senior Service staff members and Senior Foundation members; EMS volunteers; Town Hall workers; and the Stony Brook Southampton staff who administered the vaccine.