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What Is That? — For Nov. 19

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Pat McGayhey kept a streak alive, correctly identifying our mystery photos, which last week was, as Pat said, the charging station for electric vehicles on Thomas Street, next to police headquarters (see right).

(Credit: Ambrose Clancy)

Gary Weems and Karen Dudas emailed us to correctly ID the station, with Karen adding, “We have charged our car there a few times in the summer when we stay a few days on our boat, moored at Piccozzi’s Dock.”

And Richard Loper and Tracy Miller Gibbs were also all over it on our Facebook page.

The Town installed the ChargePoint electric car charging station in December 2017, purchased via the New York State Municipal Zero Emission Vehicle rebate program.

The Town paid $16,140 upfront for the unit and installation work, but got back 80 percent of the cost with the rebate.

Just off Route 114 in the Center, the facility is available for drivers to re-charge their electric vehicles.

According to Cox Automotive, a marketing company for the automotive industry, e-vehicles are the fastest growing segment of the auto market.

Cox data has revealed that women are more likely to purchase an e-vehicle than men.