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Not a drought, but dry — Shelter Island needs more rain or snow

The Island is not experiencing a drought, but as of Nov. 15, it still is in what’s considered “an absolute dry zone,” according to Water Advisory Committee member Greg Toner.

There’s  a “relatively significant drop down from what would be expected at this time of year,” he said.

Mr. Toner and WAC member Ken Pysher speculated that there hasn’t been as much rain as is typical at this time of year. More rain or snow would be welcome, Mr. Pysher said. 

Mr. Toner told his colleagues at the Nov. 22 WAC meeting that he didn’t have a full report on levels for all test wells in the town, but did have three of four wells that have been automated by the United States Geological Survey to provide constant readings.

The Goat Hill well that is in the middle of the 6th fairway in the bushes at Shelter Island Country Club’s course was not providing the automated reading expected, he said. Instead it seems the well was flooded and not working.

That could be the same well that the Suffolk County Water Authority, managing the West Neck Water District, is looking to replace, member Lisa Shaw said. Besides serving on the WAC, she is the long-time chairwoman of the West Neck Water District Board of Directors.

She planned to contact the SCWA to determine if that is in fact the same well.

Mr. Toner said he would contact the USGS to determine the problem in getting a reading from the Goat Hill test well.

Generally, by this time of year, well levels that were low by end of summer have begun to be replenished.

This year, that hasn’t happened, based on the information available, Mr. Toner said.