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The seals are here to be seen

Adam Bundy, who has been photographing harbor seals for three years now, said it’s a perfect time for seal watching.

One in particular, named Butters by local aficionados, is back, basking and enjoying life.

It’s obvious that these remarkable creatures are partial to the rocks off our Island.

(Credit: Adam Bundy)

According to the New York State Department of Conservation, harbor seals can stay under water for up to 30 minutes.

They have a thick, insulating layer of blubber, and can slow blood flow to their skin to keep from losing heat in frigid water or air.

(Credit: Adam Bundy)

Those adorable eyes, along with exceptional hearing and sensitive whiskers, make the seals formidable predators.

Another thing about the eyes — mucus springs from them to protect them from saltwater.

When dry, the mucus gives them a teary-eyed appearance.

Even when they’re happy.

(Credit: Adam Bundy)