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Here we go again: Proposition 3 could face recount

It’s not over until it’s over.

In another plot twist in the drama of voting on a ballot Proposition to use a real estate transfer tax to fund affordable housing, there may be a hand recount of all ballots cast on the proposal. That will include votes cast in person on Election Day, early in-person ballots, or submitted absentee ballots.

The Suffolk County Board of Elections in response to a question from the Reporter Monday issued a statement saying a decision on whether a recount would be necessary would be determined only after the November election is certified.

The deadline for certification is Friday, Dec. 2, according to the statement. A Board of Elections spokesperson confirmed that information Wednesday morning. If a full recount is required, a date for the recount would be set.

“We will notify you when and if the full recount is required and scheduled,” the BOE responded to questions.

Town Attorney Stephen Kiely had told the Town Board Tuesday he understood there could  be an announcement of a date for a recount of all ballots to be scheduled before Dec.2, and expected the recount would be concluded this week.

Last week Mr. Kiely said no recount would be necessary and the Proposition tally was then 932 in favor and 919 opposed to participating in the Community Housing Fund 0.5% real estate transfer tax to offset the cost of creating affordable residences. Here we go again: Proposition 3 could face recount