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What is that? Dec. 4, 2022

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Ed Mullins phoned in, quickly recognizing the back porch of The Dory on Chase Creek, and Peter Reich emailed soon after to ID the venerable Bridge Street watering hole. (See below.)

Owned by Jack Kiffer for years, it was purchased by the Soloviev Group, but has been dark for many months. The Dory has gone through several ownerships.

Dick Edwards, whose father was president of U.S. Steel, loaned Mal Nevel the money to buy The Dory back in the 1960s.

When Mr. Nevel decided he didn’t want it any more, he let Dick Edwards have it for his last $1,300 mortgage payment, according to Mr. Kiffer. “Dick kept it only because there was no one else to keep it going and he wanted a place to drink,” he said.

When Mr. Edwards began losing a long fight with cancer, Mr. Kiffer helped keep The Dory open and helped care for Mr. Edwards.

According to Mr. Kiffer, three days before Mr. Edwards died in 2002, he realized his brother Bob, to whom he’d left everything, wouldn’t know what to do with The Dory, so he changed his will, leaving The Dory to Mr. Kiffer.

(Credit: Ambrose Clancy)