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Pridwin cancels holiday plans to finish construction

After a successful Thanksgiving — the first in the Pridwin’s long history — hotel owners have opted to cancel plans for the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in the interests of using the time starting this month to finish construction work for a spring 2023 reopening.

Scott Currie at Anchor Communications, who has been the public relations spokesman for the Pridwin, confirmed the Pridwin needed to cancel its holiday events for the rest of the year to embark on work that couldn’t be completed before the hotel opened in mid-July for the summer and fall of 2022.

When the Petry family first announced plans for an alliance with Cape Resorts and embarked on a major reconstruction project, the plan was intended to be completed off season for two successive years while operating both summers of 2020 and 2021.

In 2019, after the summer season, the intent was to close and begin phase one of the project that would be completed in time for a spring 2020 reopening. Then in October of 2020, the hotel was to close as work got underway on phase 2 that would be completed in time for a spring 2021 opening.

Enter COVID-19 bringing a worldwide halt to everyones’ plans.

It became a reality in the United States in March 2020 and people weren’t flocking to vacation spots, fearing infection of an illness that was claiming lives of many with no vaccine or a cure in sight.

Supply chain issues and ability to have steady work crews slowed progress markedly and resulted in the hotel being closed until July 2022.

When it reopened plans were put in place not only for the summer season, but for the fall and winter that would feature the special holiday celebrations that were new to the Pridwin.

Despite the success of the Thanksgiving weekend, Curtis Bashaw and Glenn Petry decided it best to take advantage of the time in December to allow construction crews to start work now in order to ensure a smooth spring opening in 2023.

“We have a long list of projects to finish before we reopen next spring,” they said in a statement to be published on the Pridwin website, according to Mr. Currie.

“We want to thank all of our guests, the Shelter Island Community and everyone in our Pridwin family who contributed to making our first year so memorable,” the two men said in their statement.

They plan to reopen in late March 2023 and to extend their operations through Christmas and New Year’s.

That has been “a long held goal of the Petrys and Cape Resorts,” they said.